Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lennie Week - Bärtschi

©Bärtschi Stars + Bear + Sun
Another modern, mass-market Lenormand deck today.  This one is the beautifully bright and colourful Judith Bärtschi Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2007), which comes with titles in German.  It still has traditional numbers, though, making it easy to check on your German translations :)  If you like the look of these, you can see more of this deck in the video review I posted a while back.

What a lovely set of cards we have today!  Stars can represent guidance, hope, and technology, or what Donnaleigh de LaRose calls metastasis: something which spreads in all directions, like the stars in the heavens.  Bear is once again prosperity, nutrition, strength, and middle-management.  As for the Sun, it indicates success and happiness, or possibly exposure - being in the spotlight.

Managing technology successfully.
Nutritional guidance brings success.
Maintaining hope leads to happiness.
Networking with middle-management leads to recognition.
Networking leads to happiness.

It's funny, yesterday I was contacted by someone involved in creating an app for another of Judith Bärtschi's decks, her Daily Cards (app by Tiny Alp GmbH), which has now been translated into English.  She had googled Bärtschi, and came across my blog and the video review, which she said made them both smile.  I said I like apps and would take a look, and she was kind enough to send me a code to receive a free copy.  However, I had a technology fail and couldn't find the voucher redemption button (turns out, I should have gone to the app store through my computer as main registered device, rather than my phone).  So, I paid for the app (well, only £1.49!).  When I told the app person, she said they would be happy for me to give the code to someone else.

Here, then, I see networking bringing happiness to all involved!  I'm happy because of the nice comments and offer, their happy because of the positive review and grass roots advertising, and now one of you lucky people can become happy, by commenting on this post and receiving the code for the Daily Cards App :D  And to see if you think you'll like it, you can check out my video review of the app here.

I am grateful for win-win situations.

Up-date: I am so chuffed!  After trying for weeks, today I finally managed the redirect, so now the Celtic Lenormand blog is to be found on its own domain, celticlenormand.com.  Managing technology successfully ;D


  1. Woo! Grats on getting your own domain. :)

    1. Thanks, MM :) So, are you interested in the app? Btw, glad you've gone back to the simpler format on your blog, so I can comment again ;D

    2. The app sounds great, but I actually (believe it or not!?) don't own an iPod, iPad, or smart phone of any kind!! I'm very old school. I am starting to think that 2013 may be the year I cave in and get something of the sort.

      Sorry about the blog format thing. I hated it too. I only kept it like that because I couldn't figure out how to change it (it was oddly difficult and not the usual method of changing it...)

      I can't believe how tired I am at 9:45pm! Hope you're having a good sleep if you are sleeping.


    3. Hi MM,

      I'm amazed at all you techy people who don't have smart phones! After all, anyone who has their own blog and changes their banners etc is already in the techy side of the world, given some people still can't even use email.

      If you're going to have a mobile (which is an "if" in my mind), then I think you might as well have a smart one so you can have tarot apps, a kindle app etc. ;)

      I slept dreadfully: changing Big Boy's meds meant he didn't sleep :( One med helps him sleep, but makes his breathing worse (and it's already bad). So, sleep or breathe, not that hard a call...

      Tired hugs,

    4. You're right...haha. It is strange, but for the longest time it was for financial reasons, and it is still for a bit. I didn't want to pay for the data package! I have the cheapest cell phone package I can get...I am strangely stingy about it, but sometimes I get curious and would love my own iPhone or whatnot. But we'll see. Maybe I'll wait until my birthday and see if something turns up. ;)

      I'm so, so sorry. That sounds just awful. I hope you can find the right balance for him medication-wise and otherwise. Bad sleep makes everything so much harder. I really hope there is a better long-term sleep solution for you. Oye. :(

      Lotsa hugs,

    5. That's fair enough. Though these days you can get pretty cheap packages. Still, I can get that :)

      As for sleep, it's still sucky! Oh well...

      Hope you're sleeping better, oy, I feel like such a moany Minney :/