Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lennie Week - French Cartomancy

©Tuan & Whips + Anchor + Mice
For this second day of "Lennie Week", another readily available deck with fairly traditional imagery: the French Cartomancy deck (Lo Scarabeo, 2005).  Here, the cards also have playing card inserts, but no verses, and are a little larger than standard Lenormand cards (normally poker card size).

Whips signify arguments, violence, or repetitive actions.  Anchor is something stable, and following the German system (which I do) relates to work.  Mice signify loss, or something that is being eaten away or undermined.  So, possible interpretations:

Work arguments undermine.
Repetitive work undermines.

What to make of this?  Obviously, everyone will have their own context.  It could be that you have something to do which is very repetitive and leaves you feeling uninspired.  Or arguments at work could stop you from achieving what you want to get done, or undermine a relationship.

Another, somewhat different take, would be that combining repetition and work suggests exercise - perhaps with weights (Anchor) and high reps (Whips), which will lead to weight loss (Mice) :D 

It's Sunday today, but that doesn't mean there are no boring jobs to be done.  A lot of the tasks around keeping a home running and a child cleanly clothed and fed certainly count!  Perhaps, though, this draw serves as a reminder that these things only become soul-sucking if we let them, if we treat them as boring rather than staying present with everything that is going on... 

I am grateful for the reminder to stay in the moment, wherever it may take me.


  1. Oh absolutely. It's so hard to stay mindful and thankful when mundane chores CAN be so soul-sucking. I hope you can find some soul-soothing activities to do amidst the soul-sucking. :D


    1. Thanks, MM. Done fairly well so far :) Hope you have a soul-soothing day, too!

  2. I read Anchor as stability, so my take would be arguments or debates that threaten stability and slowly erode. Bickering or pettiness in other words. Maybe getting on each other's nerves. Heck, could be PMS!

    1. Not on my side it isn't ;D Still, I like your take on it - bickering and pettiness. Hopefully there won't be too much of that today. I also was thinking about alternate interps of Anchor, and it's a great big weight. So, Anchor and Mice as weight loss works quite well :) Off to cycle now!

  3. You're cycling and I made a small pan of brownies and a big pot of tadka (tarka) dahl. Oh well, I'm about to walk to the shops for a lemon and some coriander and the makings of a bit of aloo gobi. :) Maybe when I get back I will force myself to work out. I was thinking when I woke up this morning, a bit of yoga would be nice, and I got the idea to institute a 'Sunday is yoga day' routine around here.

    1. Mmm, tadka dahl and aloo gobi *drool-y face* We're having curry tomorrow night...

      Sunday as yoga day sounds good, though I generally decide in the moment, depending on how I feel and how much time I have. I did a long yoga practice yesterday - an hour and twenty - so today I wanted something different. Hope you enjoy whatever you do!