Thursday, 22 November 2012

Lennie Week - Shabby Chicness

Shabby Chicness Lenormand
Today we have another self-published deck, also still available.  This is the Shabby Chicness Lenormand, by Lynnette Monrean (2012).  One of the delights with this deck is that there is an expanded version available with a choice of a number of alternate cards, so you can customise "your" deck :)  I chose to keep in Johnny Depp as the Man, but just a regular woman rather than Helena Bonham Carter as the woman.  I can dream of Johnny, but I recognise my own limitations! ;)

Today's cards are: House + Tower + Dog.  House can be your actual home, or about family, security, and property.  Tower is authority, institutions, hierarchy or isolation, but also protection, while Dog is a known person, a friend, someone dependable and loyal.

Lonely security is changed by a friend.
An estate agency is dependable.
Don't let your position get in the way of friends and family.
Offer a friend a secure place to stay. 
Feeling isolated?  Invite a friend to come for a visit.
Dependable stability offered by an institution.

For me, today, I think the importance of friendship is highlighted.  Working mainly from home, it's easy to get isolated.  A reminder, then, to call on a friend.

I am grateful for good friends, near and far.


  1. What an odd deck! It's not to my taste for many reasons--busy border, too much text on cards, photographs rather than art, and a great big copyright smacked right in the middle. Maybe it's a bit early for me and I'm grumpy, but I don't think so! :)

    I hope you manage to break your isolation today. Me, I'll be out in the big wide world as usual, dealing with hundreds of people in one day. The great British public.

    1. Hmm, yeah, from that perspective maybe working at home alone isn't so bad ;)

      As you say, each to their own. I find text doesn't bother me so much on Lennie's given how semantic they are anyway. And the images are pretty clear... :)

  2. By the way, you're way prettier than Helena Bonham Carter. Her head's too big! ;)

    1. I dunno, I've always rather like her as an actress, and I think she's pretty. Still, thank you! :)

  3. I love your style of interpreting the Lenormand! The different phrasing/ideas that pop out are genius!

    I wish I could've come over to say hi, although I probably would've just distracted you and kept you from your work. Heheee.


    1. Thanks, MM :) I know some people disapprove, saying the meaning should be simple and clear. Maybe I just have too much imagination for that...

      Ha, wish you lived close enough to pop by, too! And that I was close enough to come when you do those readings at the Art Fair. Hope you have an amazing, fun time :)


    2. Ahh no...I couldn't possibly disapprove of such things!
      I love the idea of throwing ideas out there. It leads to creative and intuitive hits, I think.

      Yes, that would be fun! I'd be happy to have you at the art fair. It's a cute little art center that I used to teach for--very diminutive and local. The town is especially friendly and oddly progressive for such a small town.

      Hope you have a swell day.


    3. I like that - throwing ideas out leading to creative and intuitive hits. Yes, that's how it feels to me :)

      That sounds really nice - both the centre and the town. It's great to have somewhere that's open and interesting not too far from you!

      Wishing you a sunny Sunday,
      Chloë xxx