Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lennie Week - Under the Roses

©Hurteau & Hill
I've blogged with this deck a couple of times before, but couldn't resist putting it in to this Lennie Week.  It's the first of three self-published decks we'll look at, and I'm delighted to announce that the Under the Roses Lenormand (Hurteau & Hill, 2012) is available again, both with and without the keywords at the bottom.  The keywords are a great resource, acting as a trigger for new thoughts on ways to blend the card meanings.  While if you like your cards simple, you may prefer the version without keywords.  I'm fighting with myself over whether to get a second copy without the keywords...

Under the Roses Lenormand
So, what of today's reading?  I drew Ring + Crossroads + Gentleman.  Ring is about commitments, engagements, deals, and partnership.  Crossroads represents choices, plans and alternatives, while the Gentleman suggests a man, as well as outward-focus and consiousness.

Choiceful commitment to a man.
Choose partnership with a man.
Plan deals consciously.
Focus on external factors when deciding between two proposals.

In a relationship reading, I might think that someone had a couple of men wanting to commit to them ;)  In business, it would seem that negotiations require a rational approach...

For myself, I see here a reminder that a soul mate for life's journey is not someone to be chosen lightly, and that when we commit, we need to honour that.

I am grateful for my Dear One, who travels life's paths with me through good times and hard times.


  1. If I drew this combination for someone, my first impulse would be to read it as a choice about making a commitment to a man. Or a choice about entering into a contract of sorts with a man. The hand holding the rose, though, colors my interpretation toward romance and makes it harder for me personally to see 'business' as an option. This is one reason why I personally prefer very simple Lenormand cards. But we're all different! :)

    1. And yet marriages used to be considered "business deals" ;) I like your interpretations - choosing about making a commitment or signing a contract with a man. And when you write it plain and simple like that, it could easily be about business. I guess, with a client, it would also depend on the question, I would let that influence my interpretation at least as much as the images :)