Saturday, 17 November 2012

Lennie Week!

Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand
This week I'll be doing something a bit different for the daily draws.  Every day I will do a three card reading with a different Lenormand deck.  As many of you will already know, Lenormand's aren't read the same way as tarot.  Instead, each card is associated with a number of keywords, and you create blends and sentences from the combination of cards.  Hence why I'll always draw three cards together.

I thought I'd start off with some very traditional decks, and then later on we'll have some more modern decks, and some lovely self-published decks :)  So, today we begin with the Jeu Lenormand (Königsfurt-Urania, 2003).  This is a traditional deck, with both playing card inserts and verses in French (the same deck is available with German verses, too).

Ring + Key + Bear 
Daily Draw

The Ring generally signifies some kind of commitment - an engagement, a contract.  Coupled with the Key, it seems this is certain, or will unlock something interesting.  The Bear indicates prosperity or strength (and occasionally diet and nutrition).  So, some sentences we could take from this are:

"True commitment leads to prosperity."  Or "Commitment is the key to strength."

Taking it a step further, some contextual readings would be:

Today is a good day to make a commitment to better nutrition.
Really commit to whatever you do, and you will prosper.

As for me, I've been wanting to get one project done for several weeks now.  I take this reading as saying I need to commit to that today, and just get it done.  Once I truly commit, I'll find the strength to achieve what I need, and I might eat a bit better, too, as I won't feel so stressed :)

I am grateful for the reminder that commitment lends us strength.


  1. Ha! 'Today is a good day to commit to better nutrition.' You better go see what I wrote today! (freaky)

    1. Funny! Although I've been working on the project I mentioned, and have already ticked off three things on my To-Do list for it, the nutrition one came back to me. So, I've pledged to do a "daylight" fast today (not so hard in these short days). Having seen what a difference fasting is making to my Dear One, I'd like to try it in a mild way (after all, don't want the sleep and fertility issues associated with the full-on version). And yes, I could do with some Star energy to light my way... ;)

    2. I like the idea of a daylight fast. Do you intend to do this one day a week? So do you have something in the morning before daylight and don't eat again until after dark? Hm, interesting.

      I ordered one of those sreaming color journals I told you about the other day, then realized I can't face it and it's a bad idea for me, so cancelled my order. Amazon must by now be used to my schizoid ordering behaviour. I've still got that 30 quid burning a hole in my pocket though!

    3. Yes, I plan to do this weekly, when my Dear One does his full-out fast day. I had breakfast at 6.30am, and will have dinner around 8pm, with nothing but fluids in between. I felt hungry a few times, but it was bearable.

      So, a bit less food each week, and it will hopefully also reduce my appetite over time, so I don't eat as much when I'm not fasting, either. That's happened with my DO, who has been fasting at least one day a week for about three months now. Though he doesn't eat from dinner one night to breakfast the day after - ie. about 36 hours.

      Still, fasting is harder on women, so I'm not going to try and go hardcore - like you with the journal, I know getting very fussy about what and when I eat isn't good for me...

      Good luck deciding what to spend your £30 on ;)

    4. It seems like an interesting experiment! I may try this. Now, what day is a good day for fasting. For some reason I'm thinking a Tuesday would be good. Although I might have 'full liquids' to keep up stamina. I also note that when on a liquid fast, one is not meant to exercise strenuously, so that would have to coincide with days that I do not have exercise planned.

      Anyway, sorry to go off topic!

    5. Hi Carla,

      I did quite a good workout, but I did have breakfast. So, yes, it does take some planning. I'm fitting in with DO seeing as he's going the whole hog, whereas my "fasting lite" shouldn't disturb my plans too much. He makes sure it's not the day before or after he goes mountain biking, which is extremely strenuous :D You could still do some mild yoga...