Saturday, 24 November 2012

Look Out

©Alexander Daniloff
This week, I will be drawing from Alexander Daniloff's recently released Tarot deck (self-published, 2012).  I was lucky enough to go in on a group order organised by TABI, which made getting hold of this deck cheaper and easier than it would otherwise have been - one of my favourite perks of being a TABI member :)

It's a deck full of warm, autumnal colours, and has some amazing artwork.  One thing which struck me when first going through the deck was the borders.  The Majors have a thin orange border around the image, the pips 2 through 10 have brown borders, and the Aces and Courts have no border at all.  I mention it because, should you be of the card-trimming persuasion, it might make it a little harder... ;)

For this first draw, I pulled the Three of Wands.  What I take to be a young man stands on a promontory, looking out over the sea.  He stands on one leg, with his right foot up on his left shin, like tree pose (vrkasana) in yoga.  He holds one wand in his left hand like a walking stick, another in his right more like a crutch.  The third stands either on it's own, base in the ground, or perhaps leaning against his right forearm.  In the distance we can see a white-topped mountain, and three ships with sails waving in the wind.  The figure wears a yellow and green striped tunic and leggings, and has a satchel at his waist with a telescope. 

I see this man leaning on the support of the ideas and plans already put in motion.  Waiting somewhat precariously to see what will come of them - standing look out.  He could see farther, with the telescope, yet for the moment is happy to let things take their course.  And so, he will stand firm until more is known, only then deciding what move to make next.

That sense of waiting is certainly one that chimes with me today.  After several calls back and forth with the community nurse and a visit to the GP, Big Boy is now on antibiotics again.  Hopefully, that will settle most of the issues he's been having of late, and we can all get a bit more sleep.

I am grateful for antibiotics.


  1. Ooh, please give me a shout the next time a group-buy is planned, I always seem to miss this sort of thing.

    For some reason I feel like doing the Morgan's Tarot this week. Feeling retro. :)

    1. Will do :) They're always up on the forum, so the other thing to do is always check "New Posts" when you log in.. But I shall try to remember to mention any new ones to you :)

      Will pop over and see you and Morgan ;)

  2. antibiotics are a great thing indeed.
    oh gosh, another person blogging about that so lovely but expensive deck :P

    1. Well, hey, if you can't buy it, at least you can see it ;) Maybe Santa Claus will hear your wish...?