Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pixie's Lenormand/Tarot Comparison 1

On Saturday I reviewed Edmund Zebrowski's lovely "Pixie's Astounding Mlle Lenormand Cards" (2nd Edition, 2012).  It made me wonder, what could I learn about the card meanings by finding where the images came from?  So, I went through the deck side by side with the original Rider Waite, and decided to share some of my findings.

I've put together cards that have common elements, and will start in Lenormand numerical order.  So, this first selection shows 2) Clover, 5) Tree, and 17) Storks.

Both Clover and Storks have the rainbow from the RWS Ten of Cups.  In Clover it is front and centre, and big, just as in the Ten of Cups.  Traditional interpretations of Clover are small luck or everyday happiness.  I guess this says that everyday happiness is being with people we love, the family we choose for ourselves.  It reminds us, then, that luck isn't just about money!

In the Storks card, a tree, which echoes the tree in the Four of Cups, is in the foreground.  However, the storks are flying off towards the distant house and rainbow from the Ten of Cups.  So, leaving behind emotional stagnation, and moving towards happier times.  The Storks are mostly associated with (positive) change, migration, and sometimes are read as an addition to the family, all of which fit with this idea of moving towards the Ten of Cups - home and family and joy :)

Finally, at the top of this selection, we have the Tree.  This once again echoes the tree in the Four of Cups.  However, it is next to a pool.  The Tree signifies growth, our health and well-being, our connection to place, and to our ancestors.  For us to be able to grow, and feel well, we need calm, nourishing emotions around us, not a lack, and not stagnation.

I like the insights we get from seeing the aspects of the Rider Waite Tarot within Pixie's Lenormand Cards.  While these aren't the only meanings of the cards, they may be helpful suggestions, especially if using a spread which combines tarot and Lenormand cards.

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