Sunday, 25 November 2012


©Alexander Daniloff
Today's card from Alexander Daniloff's Tarot (2012) is the Ten of Pentacles. 

Here we see a man sitting on an unseen chair or throne.  He looks a lot like a priest to me, given his haircut and clothes.  His robe has a white vestment on top, and is split between yellow and blue at the skirt.  Around him float ten pentacles, and he is also surrounded by a shape like a cat's iris.

All the Ten's have this form, the vesica piscis, on them.  On top of that, both the Ten of Pentacles and the Ten of Cups have their suit elements arranged in the form of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  One of the touches I really like about this card is that all but the two Pentacles in his hands have different emblems or forms.  The top one shows a crown, for Kether, then there are a sun and moon, two plain disks with white rims, a small disc with the card number in roman numerals on his chest, another larger disc that is white with a golden rim, then two blue rimmed disks with variations on the celtic cross, and a final disk between his feet which, from the inside out, is white, grey, pearlescent, golden and blue.

Overall, this card doesn't give me the sense of family, prosperity or inheritance normally associated with the Ten of Pentacles.  Far more, it seems to have a strong spiritual side, speaking of balance with variety, of difference in harmony.

Being at the centre of a balanced material world sounds pretty good to me.  The right mix of exercise and rest, food and drink, leisure and work - perhaps that is also a definition of a life of plenty.  I shall try to find that equilibrium today, especially in terms of sleep now Big Boy is doing better.  And also a balance of family time and some me-time, as I hate missing a workout, and have been meditating every day for the last ten days, too.  It feels good :)

I am grateful for the chance to find a happy medium.

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