Wednesday, 14 November 2012


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Today's card, the Adept of Orbs (Knight of Swords) from the Sirian Starseed Tarot (North Atlantic Books, 2012), gives us an interesting twist, a card within a card. 

A young man with long blond hair sits on a rather square rock formation, with a green-leafed tree behind him. He wears a dark blue, starry cloak and There is a bright but cloudy sky behind him, while between his hands floats a silver orb.  And in the orb we see a more traditional depiction of the Knight of Swords: a fully armoured Knight, sword held high as he rides a white charger.

This card really speaks to me of our thoughts and perceptions, and how much trouble these can get us into.  We think of ourselves as brave, and jump into a fight we can't win; we think of ourselves as independent, and refuse much needed help.  The Adept of Orbs has this lovely idea of himself, and part of that is tied up with his values and beliefs.  Still, I have to ask whether he isn't just buying trouble!  Visualising a desired outcome can be very productive, however, we also have to be aware of why we want whatever it is, and what the consequences may be.  And there's also the fact that when we are so focused on future possibilites we often forget to stay present with ourself - right then and there - so busy thinking about "might-be's".

I can see the challenge in that today.  I'll be spending a good chunk of the day travelling, as I have a business trip to go on.  Still, as well as planning what to wear, reviewing all the material, and thinking about possible scenarios in the various meetings, I also need to stay present to make sure I get where I'm going ;)

I am grateful for imagination, and for reality.

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