Friday, 30 November 2012


©Alexander Daniloff
For this last day with Alexander Daniloff's Tarot (2012) we have another Swords card.

This one gives me a much better feeling than yesterday's Eight of Swords.  Here in the Two we have a woman, once again with a strange black binding around her face and eyes.  Her arms are crossed in front of her chest, and she holds the two swords up behind her own head.  What delights me, though, is that she appears to be exploding through a rip in the fabric of the universe.  While most of the background of the card shows a rocky seascape, she herself emerges from a scroll-like opening that gives onto a night sky, dotted with stars and a waxing crescent moon.

To me, this card speaks of being held in stasis by ideas which we don't know how to combine or choose between.  Yet it feels hopeful.  Her clothes echo the colours of the night sky beneath her, suggesting she has access to intuition, if she is just willing to tap into it.  Then, she will resolve her dilemma and move out of her self-imposed stasis.

Hopefully, seeing my therapist today will help me connect with that intuition.  One area where I'm feeling blocked is regarding how to move forward with my dissertation.  And although there's no huge rush on it, the clock is certainly ticking!

I am grateful for help in tapping into my inner knowing.


  1. Good luck breaking through that block! I hope you find just the thing to move you forward. I know for me, sometimes taking the smallest step forward relieves a huge amount of anxiety that I didn't even realize was holding me back. That first step, no matter how small, can be tricky, though.

    1. Thanks, Siddaleah :) We didn't end up talking about that block at all, as there was something else that seemed more pressing. Still, just thinking about it because of writing this post I came up with an idea that just might work! Good luck with your small steps, too (((hugs)))