Sunday, 4 November 2012

Weekly Reflective Reading with the Rainbow Travellers

I haven't done one of these for a few weeks, and wanted to do so as there's been a lot going on for me over the last little while.  Drawing from Carmen Waterman's delightful Rainbow Travellers Tarot (2012), here's what I got:

©Carmen Waterman

What did I do well last week? - 10 Cups


This is a fairly non-traditional card from this deck, showing two women in a sparkling, rainbow-lit hall with ornate plastering and a magical chalice in a niche.  As a deck from a lesbian artist, the interpretation of a happy family is possible here, though there are no children or pets to make this obviously more than a couple.  Visually, too, it has more of the feel of a party - those are not the kinds of clothes I'd wear to just hang with my honey at home ;)

Last week I spent quality time with my family.  That was particularly true of Big Boy - I crawled into bed with him most nights to try and help him sleep a bit longer, adjusting his position and calming him as he roused.  Although not very restful, I felt that I was being a good mother, and it was nice to cuddle up to him :)

I also took some time to appreciate the world around me, with a lovely walk on the local Heath with my Dear One: seeing and feeling the magical in the everyday experience of the turning of the seasons.  I felt myself a part of a community, taking part in the Tarot Blog Hop, and celebrated some of my successes, too, no matter how small, which is definitely a way to be more joyful!

©Carmen Waterman

What do I need to carry forward into this week? - X - The Wheel


At an intellectual level, what I get is a need to carry forward the ability to stay centred, yet to also go with the flow - to be true to myself while staying atuned to others and the flow of energies around me.

It's funny, though, looking at this image I hear "If I could turn back time" by Cher.  At first glance, that seems to be a backward-looking focus, rather than something to carry forward.  Still, the song is about regretting things we say.  So, maybe the message is that I need to continue being careful of what I say, of thinking before I speak.  It's something I did much better last week than I generally do, and to good effect.  So, I can see how carrying that forward would be positive :)
©Carmen Waterman


And what should I be on the lookout for this week? - Healer of Swords

I'm often a fan of the Queen of Swords (the Courts in this deck are renamed Muse, Protector, Healer, and Mentor), and this version is certainly no exception!  I like the moon above her, and the silver-grey of her hair that seems to blend and tone with it.  To me, it speaks of her empathy: she is intelligent, but also moved by her emotions and experiences.  She has gained much wisdom from them, as shown by her golden dress.  And she faces the future with bravery, ready to take on whatever comes.

So, I should be on the lookout for more challenges, perhaps, but know that they can be overcome by using wisdom garnered from past experience...

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