Sunday, 25 November 2012

Weekly Reflective Reading

Okay, so I'm not managing these every week, but they are for the week...  This time, I decided to use the same positional meanings as before, but drawing two cards for each from the Halloween Lenormand (Hurteau & Hill, 2012).

Halloween Lenormand ©Hurteau & Hill

1) What did I do well this week?  Vampire (Snake) + Creepy Trails (Paths)

Going with traditional Lenormand keywords, Snake can be something winding and deceptive, and Paths are choices or decision.  This week, then, I made some decisions that helped me navigate some tricky situations.  Taking the Halloween theme of Vampire and Trails, I could say I made some life giving choices :)

Halloween Lenormand ©Hurteau & Hill

2) What should I carry forward to next week?  Gate (Mountain) + Stars

Stars I often see as technology, and whether a Gate or a Mountain, that first card certainly indicates a barrier.  So, what I did well was block technology.  Makes sense, I have removed Facebook from my ever-open tabs, so that I didn't get sucked into it as much, and was more able to focus on being creatively productive.  That is something I'd definitely like to carry into the future.

Halloween Lenormand ©Hurteau & Hill

3) What should I look out for next week?  Ghost Ship (Ship) + Book of Shadows (Book)

Ship as a journey and Book as secrets, I see here advice to look out for the opportunity to take a soul-journey that unlocks some mysteries.  I have been meditating daily this week, and intend to continue that.  Perhaps a particularly moving pathworking?

Up-date: just had a *doh* moment regarding this last combo.  I am actually travelling this week!  Didn't really want to, which may be why I blocked it from my mind ;)  There will be a "Book of Shadows" element to my trip as I'm using the opportunity to meet with a couple of friends I have often performed rituals with in the past, and it's on the full moon!


  1. Very nice interpretations and charming deck!

    I really should try to mess around with the Lenormand more. I kind of want a traditional deck just because, but I'll use my Fairy Tale deck as it works just as well.

    Hope you are having a good day.


    1. Hi MM,

      I have to say, I love both the decks so far published by this mother/daughter team. There's another one out soon, the Yuletide Lenormand, and a chance to win a copy on Facebook, if you're interested... ;)

      As for messing round with the Lenormand, if it takes your fancy go for it. You have plenty else going on too, though, so don't beat yourself up if you don't.