Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Flying Free

©Angela Oliver
Today's card from New Zealand Naturally (Angela Oliver, 2012) is from the suit of Peaks (Swords), the number six, to be precise. 

A Black Mountain Ringlet butterfly flies over six jagged peaks, a cold and rocky blue sheen to them.  Around and somewhat behind the butterfly are the threads of a spider's web it is moving away from.  Out in the distance, the sky is a lighter blue, offering new hope. 

This is a lovely depiction of the traditional idea of moving away from something difficult, towards a brighter future.  There is the added implication that we may have felt trapped in the past, but that we are shaking off the ties that bound us.

I've always been a big fan of the Six of Swords, and this card is no exception.  I think what I'm shaking off is my uncertainty and feelings of being stuck.  Yesterday afternoon I tried to take a nap, but spent most of the time thinking.  Still, it was productive, as I've come up with a new idea for my dissertation.  Of course, that's just the start of a long process, but at least it's moving me away from my feelings of defeat after the last title was rejected for being too much about tarot *doh*

I am grateful for the chance to let my ideas soar.


  1. a lovely depiction indeed. good luck with getting unstuck!

    1. Thanks, Bonkers! I've now written my title, so things are definitely moving again :)