Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Grounded focus

©C&J Matthews & W. Kingham
Today's card from the Steampunk Tarot: Gods of the Machine (Connections, 2012) is another Court card, and another card from the suit of Leviathans!  The Universe must have heard me saying I found them a bit tricky, so it's giving me a chance to work at improving my understanding ;)

This Lady of Leviathans pores over some rock plants she has uncovered, the lights on her goggles illuminating her discovery.  She seems very intent, wanting to understand what she has found, perhaps to find a practical use for it, or simply to nurture a new species.  Behind her we see the Leviathan, which has brought her to this spot.  It's unclear to me whether she is underwater.  She has no obvious breathing apparatus, but the Leviathan is theoretically a waterborn vehicle, and the way it's parked, screw up, suggests it is half floating, resting on the seabed. 

Still, I can get behind the idea of the Lady of Leviathans (Queen of Pentacles) being someone who is focused and loves nature and the environment.  Someone willing to explore and nurture these things, and with the staying power to do so.

As for how this relates to my day, I guess I see it in two aspects.  Firstly, the need to nurture myself, as I've been feeling a little peaky.  Secondly, the need to nurture others.  We have friends coming around this afternoon, and staying for dinner.  It should be pretty fun, though I need to balance taking care of Big Boy with making sure the other kids have a good time.  And finding time to chat with the grown-ups!  Well, that might have to wait til Big Boy, at least, is in bed.  And not staying up too late, given the early morning start that Big Boy prefers :/  So, I'll use this Lady's energy to stay focused, shining a light to find the most nurturing approach for all involved :)

I am grateful for good friends, and good food.


  1. An interesting representation of the watery Earth queen. :D

    1. Of course, it's true the Queen of Pents is Water of Earth! Still, all the Leviathans are water-based... It's an unusual choice for Pentacles! :)