Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lennie Week 2 - Alice in Wonderland

Today's cards are drawn from the Alice in Wonderland Vintage Lenormand by Pepi Valderrama (The Gamecrafter, 2012).  Here we have the Lady, the Letter and the Scythe. 

Woman, Letter, Scythe
Keywords give the following sentences:

I receive a painful letter.
A superficial woman is cutting.
I need to let someone know about a separation.
A sudden end to a correspondence with a woman.
A woman writes about making a break.

This one has me a little stymied...  For these blogs, I like to try and find the empowering message in the reading.  I suppose this could suggest taking action to write something that will make a clean break with the past. Writing it like that, I am reminded that I have yet to finish the 2012 closing ceremony part of Leonie Dawson's "Your Incredible 2013 Workbook". Best get to it before the year is over!

I am grateful for the opportunity to let go of the year that's ending.


  1. What is this Incredible Workbook??? I want to see! How about a link, eh? And why are you just finishing the 2013 one?

    1. Okay, I found printable versions. I don't have a printer. I wonder if she does a real book? I want to do the Sacred Journey Journal again this year, having taken a year off from it in 2012, but I can't seem to find it available online anywhere. Maybe it will turn up on amazon soon. :)

    2. Hiya Carla,
      Yeah, sorry, I forgot to put in a link, and yesterday was a little overwhelming. Leonie starts both workbooks with a saying goodbye to 2012 before planning for 2013, which I think is an excellent idea. No "real" books, I'm afraid. The Sacred Journey Journal sounds lovely, though...

    3. and you can print it as you like. :D It will not be a print book as this is only e-book.

  2. Sorry about the slightly foreboding reading! I love the look of this deck. Very pretty. I need to do the same. Thanks again for the wonderful gift. Maybe I'll go start on that now! Would also be a good night-before-New-Year's ritual.

    Much Love,

  3. Hi MM,

    I try not to think of Lennie readings as foreboding, but ask what I can gain from them... :) Definitely a lovely deck - it has a cute, vintage feel to it, and I'm a big Alice in Wonderland fan. We used to have it on cassette for long car journeys when I was a nipper ;) As for the planner, I'd rather be doing spread's on New Year's Eve, though if you mean doing it on the 30th, I can get behind that!

    Much love,

  4. The link is for that planner. :D Chloe, this is an interesting threesome. Could this be a reminder for you to cut through any latent "polite" superficiality to dig down deep?

    1. Interesting take on these, Arwen! That does match quite well with some of what happened in my day - I was possibly too polite. Then again, we have a thing where I do the diplomatic bit, and my Dear One does the discipline side...