Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Lennie Week 2 - Palimpsest

The idea behind today's deck is an innovative one.  The Palimpsest Lenormand by Bertrand Saint-Guillain, now in its second edition, takes the idea of a palimpsest - a scroll where you scrape off the original text in order to write something new - and applies it to the creation of a Lenormand deck.  So, a regular playing card deck was taken and tippexed/scraped, then the Lenormand symbols were drawn onto the deck.  It gives the whole thing a vintage feel which is appealing and interesting.

Child, Coffin, Cross
As for today's draw, we have some difficult cards in there.  Brainstorming on this I get:

New beginning ends in sorrow.
Sick child is a burden.
Death of a new project brings sadness.
Death of an opportunity challenges faith.

I know which one resonates with my recent experience.  Over the weekend Big Boy had a really bad time, and consequently so did we.  Yet what comes up for me today is actually "new sickness is a burden".  Perhaps due to the stress of the weekend, my Dear One and I now both seem to have what Big boy had.  It doesn't affect us as badly, as we don't get the side effects he did.  Still, being sick is never fun, and this is a doozy.  I also see the idea that, for some, suffering seems to bring them a greater sense of faith, while for others it makes them question.  I wonder where the difference lies?

I am grateful for my spiritual beliefs, which help me pull through hard times.


  1. Gute Besserung. x (I have nearly exhausted my German phrases now, unless I have the opportunity to offer you a drink or tell you I need to stop at the supermarket. ha)

    1. Wow, that's still better than most Brits ;) Vielen Dank und wieder frohe Weihnachtszeit! Feeling a little better after a short nap, and at least we don't have too much to do today! Cxx

  2. You poor things. :( Sending SWIFT healing, hot baths or showers, and better conditions overall. Sorry for the family plague. I think this reading seems very accurate, though, which is somewhat exciting in and of itself, though I'd rather you weren't sick.

    Christmas Hugs,

    1. Hi MM,

      Yes, I'd rather we weren't sick, either ;) Big Boy is much better, my Dear One is recovering fast, I'm the one that's still rather snotty and weak. Still, this too shall pass...

      Hope you're having a wonderful holiday time.

      Holiday Hugs,