Monday, 24 December 2012

Lennie Week 2 - Yuletide

Today is the day my family and I celebrate Christmas, as my mother is German.  So, as we prepare to roast a goose and enjoy red cabbage and our brightly lit tree, I chose to draw from the Yuletide Lenormand.  This is another fun collaboration between the mother/daughter team of Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill, who also brought us the Under the Roses and Halloween Lenormands (all published in 2012).

Stork, Polar Bear, Goldfish
This is a lovely combination for today.  Brainstorming keywords:

Dietary changes cost money.
Nurturing changes bring wealth.
Managerial transitions disperse wealth.
Strength in movement brings increase.

Well, I doubt I'll have time for a workout, with all that cooking to be done.  Nor is it a day for work, so managerial questions can be left behind.  However, the food we have today will definitely be different and more plentiful than on a regular Monday, so I guess that's the main message I see here.  However, from my perspective a reading isn't much use if it just tells me something I already know.  So, what I take from it is that I may need to change my perspective on food, and on how I nurture myself and others, to get the most from today.

I am grateful for good food, good company, and the reminder to take time to appreciate them, without excess.

P.S.  Pop back later to read an interview with the innovative and creative Kendra Hurteau!


  1. What a cute Lenormand. I quite like the look of that one. :)

    Frohe Weinachten!

    1. It's quite non-traditional at first glance, but still readable, I think - a fun, holiday-themed deck :D

      Frohe Weihnachten, und ein gutes Rutsch ins 2013 ;)