Wednesday, 5 December 2012


©Angela Oliver
Isn't this puppy cute!  Here we have the Page of Coins (Pentacles) for the New Zealand Naturally Tarot (Angela Oliver, 2012) :)

After I stop squeeing over the cute little black-and-white puppy with his big, brown eyes, what I notice is the fence behind him.  He is young, full of enthusiasm, and wants to get involved with taking care of the flocks.  He might not be very good at it yet, but he'll watch carefully to see how the older dogs do it, how they herd the sheep and listen to commands, and respond to all that's going on.  And he'll learn, so that one day, he'll be really good at it!

As the archetypal student card, I wonder if this is suggesting I work on my dissertation protocol today...  It could also advise trying out a new exercise DVD, bringing in the more physical side of the suit of Coins ;)  Yep, I think I have lots of enthusiasm to learn and expand my horizons today!

I am grateful for a delight in learning, in many different guises.

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