Sunday, 30 December 2012


©Choi & Shina
Today's card from the Dreaming Way Tarot (U.S. Games, 2012) once again has a strange edge to it.

In this Seven of Pentacles, we see a young, somewhat disgruntled-looking woman, red in the face from carrying shopping bags.  As if that weren't unusual enough for the Seven of Pentacles, there's a pentacle flying in the sky above her.  Is it floating around following her?  Or is it, boomerang-like, swinging back round to smack her upside the head?

I guess I can see the traditional idea of putting in work and hoping it'll pay off over time, in her bag carrying.  Perhaps that randomly flying Pentacle is a reminder that we can never be quite sure what will come of our hard work - we have to wait and see whether or not the harvest is good...

At a more intuitive level, this card makes me think of the hard work involved in going shopping.  Not that I'm planning to do much of that today.  Rather, we placed an order that will be delivered to our door - takes the stress and hard work out of grocery shopping :)  Still, it's true we need to stock up before the New Year, closely followed by Big Boy's birthday.  That's a large part of what today's shop is about - preparing for family to come over to celebrate on the second of January :)

In terms of perseverance, this morning I started thinking again about how to restructure my dissertation protocol.  I'm still not sure if the effort doing the dissertation will take is worth it to me, though...

I am grateful for on-line shopping.


  1. Ohh that is a nice card, actually! I think I'd like this deck more than I originally thought.

    I feel like this lady! Today I was schlupping re-useable bags all around. This is what my car's trunk is loaded with. I have a mild addiction to cloth bags. I use them all the time to avoid all the plastic, which is good but it can be kind of cumbersome at times.

    I admit when I order from Amazon or something it seems so easy. Too easy...then I feel concerned that I spent too much money. Eek. Same thing with Etsy! But the convenience is nice. I like being able to send on-line gift certificates or gifts complete with gift wrap if I need to...and not worry about struggling or dragging Pele to the post office. I do love making packages, though, if I don't feel rushed.

    Excuse the rambling.

    Happy Almost Birthday to Big Boy,

    1. Hi MM,

      I have quite a few re-useable bags I carry around, but they are all super-strong, super-light foldable things, so I have two or three in my handbag without even bulking it out!

      Oh yes, going to the post office can be a real hassle, especially if you have to take an impatient child with you! Thank goodness for on-line shopping :D


    2. Yes, that is the way to go. I made the mistake of getting some large ones, which is great for large items. I also have the kind that folds into itself, and I do try to keep a couple in my purse when I remember. I should donate most of the larger ones and just keep a couple.

      Hugs and I hope you have a lovely last day or so of 2012!