Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Slice of Life

Today, we explore another of the Majors from the Tarot of the Wyrd (The Game Crafter, 2012). 

An interesting take on the World, this.  At the centre we have a photo of the earth taken from outerspace.  Around it, there are a number of different creatures and people.  In the bottom right we have a whale, highlighted in blue.  Further around to the left is another type of fish, a tuna maybe.  Right above it we see a barn owl, it's heart-shaped face turned towards us.  Over that, a wolf looks out at us from the shadows.  In the top left corner we see a drawing of a female acrobat doing an intense backbend, wearing pink tights and golden ballet shoes.  More acrobats swing around the top of the card, leading us across to another acrobat in the top right corner.  Above the world itself, in the centre, we have both an elephant and a golden eagle.  Then, over to the right, there is what might be a wren, as well as a couple of butterflies.

Altogether, it is a quite busy, detailed card, which acts as a reminder of the wonderful diversity of the world we live in.  From the deep seas to the soaring heights, through night and day, and in amongst the extremes of human capabilities, we see a slice of life.  This is the World in its current state of completion.  It will change again, develop, evolve, but for now, what a wonder!

Today, both my Dear One and I are fasting, though his is far stricter than mine.  I just do 13 hours to his 36!  What I see here is how much we appreciate the world, seeing it through a different perspective, one where we don't get instant gratification.  A reminder, too, to take some time to appreciate the marvel of this planet - hopefully we'll be able to get out for a walk on the local heath.

I am grateful for the reminder of how wonderful this world is.


  1. I envy both your discipline and the amount of time that seems to be yours to do with as you will.

    1. Hi Carla,
      It's also true that I organise my fast days to not clash with when I have too much stressful stuff going on, which helps with the discipline. I fasted one day that was very stressful, and my eating at dinner time was not good!

      As for having time to do as I will, that's partly true. It's more, though, that I can organise my time largely to my choosing. So, I can go for a walk in the daytime, but I then may have to work later in the evening to make it up. Still, I happily take that balance :)

  2. It is nice, I don't really have a day that isn't stressful, I work with the public 7-8 or more hours a day, including every other weekend. I feel like I only get 3 hours or so to myself each day, and during that time I have to do all things I want to do -- work out, meditate, and also prepare meals, do household chores, run errands, etc. It gets really demoralising. But enough with the whining.

    1. I have to agree - I think I'd find it stressful having to deal with Joe Public all the time, too! All the more reason to meditate, I guess :)