Sunday, 16 December 2012

Spirit Gauge

©J&C Matthews & W. Kingham
Today's card from the Steampunk Tarot: Gods of the Machine (Connections, 2012) is one of the Majors, the Spirit Gauge (Temperance).

We find ourselves in a huge room.  In the lower half, two brick arches look out onto a rainy, blue, cog-filled landscape on the right and lightning in a dark sky on the left.  Above the arches, two figures stand on a walkway. One is a person, the other a robot. Between and below them is a metal wheel, while above them is a far larger, red wheel, both reminiscent of the wheels you see in submarines to open and close air locks.  Above that is a circular window, through which we see two intertwining flows of both white and blue light or energy.  There is also a gauge, like a pressure gauge, below the red wheel, and springs above the window where the energies combine, ready to harness and channel that energy.

In the companion book it says: "The Spirit Gauge...maintains the balance of nature with the man-made world and the mechanical... When you learn to adapt and negotiate, you can find the balancing point."

As so often with Temperance and its variants, I see a message not only of needing to combine and balance different elements or aspects, but also that this balancing is multi-dimensional, an on-going process.  The gauge seems designed to assess how the balance is doing, so a wheel can be turned to alter the mix, or release some of the pressure.  It is not just about the mix itself, but the timing of when we add this or that, or when we let things carry on without any additional input.

Today, the mixing I see is getting the right balance of productivity and rest, of family time and me time.  My plans include wrapping Christmas presents and writing Christmas cards, exercising, meditating (which I have only done twice so far this week), and spending time with Big Boy.  He was so cute when we got home last night, playing and giggling, a delight to be with.  It helped that he had a new toy: a full-length mirror.  He found it hilarious, watching himself and others in it, trying to catch his reflection out by moving quickly, stepping away and then back into frame, and waving at the person in there :D

I am grateful for a healthy balance, and the ability to assess priorities.


  1. I have heard much about this deck but have never seen the cards. So I am looking forward to seeing more cards and your interpretation.

    I am striving for a healthy balance. Right now its a little off but am working on it.

    I love the full-length mirror story. Made me laugh. Thanks for that.

    1. Hiya Carol,

      Well, that healthy balance is definitely something dynamic, always changing. Good luck getting to that equilibrium point!

      Glad I could make you laugh ;)

  2. That is hilarious and adorable. Hope he's still enjoying the toy. Sounds like you had a busy day!

    I'm about to head to the bookstore for some R&R Hermit time!

    Lotsa Hugs and Balance,

    1. Hi MM,

      It was pretty busy, but mainly in a good way - got all the Christmas stuff finished, except a bit of wrapping. So, feeling virtuous ;)

      Glad you got some Hermit time - a bookstore is the perfect place :D

      Lotsa Hugs,