Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Stricken Tower

©C&J Matthews & W. Kingham
Ha, after having done a reading on the Tower as my stalker card, here it is again!  This version, from the Steampunk Tarot: Gods of the Machine (Connections, 2012), shows a very interesting perspective. 

We look down on the Tower as though from a helicopter flying above and to one side of it.  From here, not only can we watch as the Tower is struck by lightening and two figures are flung from it, but we can also see the base of the Tower.  Which in this case is a glowing circle of purple energy, with pale spokes leading to the outer circle.

This suggests the Tower was almost defying nature, setting itself up for the shock that came.  The very way it was constructed led to this situation...

For me, I see this once again as connecting with the stories I tell myself, about being able to do it all.  Yesterday afternoon, I owned up to the fact that I can't do it all, at least where the Celtic Lenormand is concerned.  So, I have signed a contract with U.S. Games to produce the deck.  Although I still feel uncertain, rather shook up, overall I think it was the right choice.  There is definitely a sense of relief - my to-do list just got a lot shorter!

I am grateful for the willingness to surrender control.


  1. "So, I have signed a contract with U.S. Games to produce the deck"

    This is very good news, yes? And you will be writing a book still?

    1. Hi PLN,

      Yes, I'll still be writing a book, though quite how the whole thing will be produced and presented I will no longer have control over. Still, I think a big part of the draw for US Games is the fact of the pagan theme, and to explain that will require a book. Might just be a LWB (though I hope not), but my input will be there :) And some designer spreads!

      Thinking about it, in some ways it makes it more of a journey of discovery for me. First, I was being surprised by how Will interpreted my briefs, now I'll be surprised by how U.S. Games work around the deck size constraints, packaging and companion book question ;)

    2. I think it is wonderful news. So firstly, congratulations!

      There are probably many things in this experience that will be a great learning experience for you - watching how they get to work with the deck and book. Even if it is a LWB, the whole package is still something that will have grown from a seed within you. Your deck on a shelf .. on many shelves! How fab is that! I take it that your name will be on the packaging?

      And as I mentioned before, it will give you good exposure and a foundation for future projects. And I think it is also a good experience for any of us to learn to balance out control and trust others to hold your project carefully as it grows.

      I really am so happy for you. This is a great achievement :) You have worked hard on this.

    3. You're right, PLN, it will definitely be a great learning experience one way or another! And good exposure, too :) Though given how slow big companies can be, who knows, I might self-publish another deck before they bring it out ;)

      And yes, my name on the packaging... that's something I'm feeling a little nervous about. That's definitely waaay out of the broom closet! Yet, I also feel like "how could I not put my name to something that is so important to me?"

      Thank you so much for your support and well wishes, it really does mean a lot! :)

  2. wow, look at you, getting fancy contracts for publishing awesome decks ;]

  3. This is cool. I mean, I definitely understand your point about losing some creative control, which any artist and writer would dislike, but at the same time...I bet the project will be wonderful! And I have a feeling you could use the sanity of delegating some responsibility. You always have so much on your plate!

    Love Lots,

    1. Hiya MM,

      Yes, the delegating bit was definitely a huge factor! It's a big enough project as it is :o Plus then, I can get on with some of my other ideas... ;)