Thursday, 31 January 2013

Amphibian Queen

©Nemo's Locker
Another Court card bestows her regal presence on us today, from the Book of Azathoth Tarot (Nemo's Locker, 2012). 

The Queen of Cups sits on an intersting rock formation by the side of the sea.  She holds a cup in her hands, and has a wave-crested crown on her head.  Her flippers dangle over the edge of the shore, and her tail reaches up behind her.  In the distance, a stark cliff rises above the waves, while some suspicious-looking tentacles reach up as though to tickle her flippers.

What those tentacles suggest to me is that, if we have good emotional balance, then we will be able to cope with the occasional encroachment from our unconscious. 

Today, my Dear One and I see our family therapist.  I take this card as a warning to avoid the drama-queeny aspect of this card, and instead to channel her emotional equanimity :)

I am grateful for calm in the face of powerful emotions.


  1. Remember, though, that like Aurora Greenway in 'Terms of Endearment', the Queen of Cups 'never shrinks from a scene when a scene is called for.' ;)

    1. Haven't seen that, but I love the quote :D

  2. omg, the face of that queen, and the tail! looks so awesomely bizarre :0

  3. Hiya Bonkers,
    I'm not sure why, but I find her face quite beautiful :) As for the tail, it makes me think of the way many animals signal their emotions via their tails...