Saturday, 12 January 2013


©Dan Donche
Having received my Darkana Tarot (Dan Donche, 2012) just after Christmas, I decided to give this interesting deck a whirl this week.

As someone who loves crime dramas like CSI, this card appeals to me straight away.  Not only does it have the suggestion of something being quite clearly dead and gone, but it also taps into that "drama much?" aspect the Ten of Swords can have :D

The ten swords seem quite anachronistic, pinning down a chalk figure behind crime scene tape.  How could someone get stabbed by ten different swords, and why would the killer/s leave the evidence there?  For that matter, the crime scene techs wouldn't risk damaging or losing the evidence by taking the swords out of the body and plunging them in the ground where the body had been!  It shows the ridiculousness that can result when we over think things, rather than just coming to terms with the idea that things change and even end.

We're trying to organise a family holiday for the February half-term.  In this, I may have to let go of the idea that I can manage everything myself.  Also, and perhaps more painfully, choosing a holiday just across the channel in Paris is a reminder that we may never be able to take Big Boy further afield, because of his troubles flying.  Having travelled so much throughout my life (I started flying as an unaccompanied minor at age 5 as my dad lived abroad), it's hard for me to fathom or come to terms with.  Though as my therapist said, this may be me overdramatising, as it is feasible to drive to Germany, Switzerland or Spain...

I am grateful for the reminder not to take my concerns too seriously: I am lucky to have travelled as much as I have.


  1. This card reminds me of our old 'Murder in the Library' promos we used to do--we'd outline in tape the figure of one of our library assistants and make a display of crime books nearby. We don't tend to do those kind of 'home made' displays anymore, not considered 'retail' enough. BUT, I digress. Hubby and I are working on a plan for Feb ourselves, hoping to book a weekend in a country hotel in Shropshire, where they have an in-house holistic therapists who does Indian head massages! Bliss!

    1. Those displays sound fun! And yes, a country hotel with Indian head massage does sound like bliss! I felt a tad drama-queeny this morning, it must be said. Several difficulties have already cropped up, so it won't be as relaxing as we'd hoped. Still, it'll be good to get away. We haven't had a family holiday since last March, when Big Boy got ill on the trip, and the cottage had damp and bed bugs :(

  2. Wow--very interestingly drama-filled version of this card!

    Haha, our realtor told me I should be a 'CSI' agent because I like researching things (that interest me, I should add) of course my husband noted that CSI doesn't even exist in real life, but you get the idea.

    I have always loved Sherlock Holmes stories and the like. Perhaps I should read a bunch of mystery novels that I never got around to. Do you own a Kindle? I've pondered getting one to reduce book paper waste and make things more convenient but cringed a bit at the expense.

    I am sorry about your traveling limitations. I can relate to this somewhat because we still aren't sure if my daughter will travel. We lost a chunk of money on plane tickets when she refused to get on the plane (this was back in 2008 but I'm still afraid it won't work). My father-in-law just got a pacemaker put in and we haven't been out east for some time, so we want to fly because it's a LONG drive, but we aren't sure whether to risk it or not?

    I guess this would be a good tarot reading topic: Risk or Not Risk?

    I hope your family trip in February goes 100,000,000 times better than usual.

    Ramblingly Yours,

    1. Hiya MM,

      No, I don't have a kindle, but I have the kindle app on my iPhone. I try to only read paper books early in the morning or late at night, though, for good sleep hygiene :)

      As for you guys, she has been doing a lot better, and is also a lot more rational these days. So, maybe if you talk to her beforehand about going to visit her grandad? I shall keep my fingers crossed for you :)


  3. And what if the CSI team learns that this is all just an elaborate hoax?

    1. Ha ha, yes, I could see that, too, Arwen ;)