Monday, 14 January 2013

Freaky Facemask

©Dan Donche
Not sure how I feel about today's card from the Darkana Tarot (Dan Donche, 2012).

The Empress herself isn't bad, with her pregnant belly and splatter-hair.  Though, how come there's what looks like a gas cloud or liquid extruding from her navel?  And more floating up from her backside?  Even freakier is the baby in a gas mask!

I guess, if I try to see the positive side to this, there could be something about doing our best to protect the things we create - totally going against the airline adage about putting on your own oxygen mask first ;)  And certainly she seems very creative - one babe in arms, another on the way.  It's interesting, because the keywords given definitely fit traditional ideas: nurturing, natural.  I also see the Empress as abundant and creative.

One of the things I've promised myself is to be more self-nurturing this year.  And I hope today I can do a bit of that - take it a little easy, go to the cinema, have a nice meal in the evening with my Dear One.  After all, tomorrow I'm off on a business trip again, and living out of a suitcase in a hotel is not the most relaxing feeling :/  Still, it's not for long, and I hope there won't be too many of these trips in my future. 

Perhaps, too, I'll have time for a little creativity, if I can get my Photoshop software working *doh*

I am grateful for customer support.


  1. for some reason this reminds me of article i read the other day about air quality in Beijing reading into the 700's on a scale where 500 is supposed to me the upper limit, over 300 is dangerous to people (NYC at the same day had a quality of 19...) and pictures of people there wearing 'fashionable' air masks while out and about...

    create and pollute, sometimes hand in hand?

    hope the trip goes well :]

    1. Very good point, TB, our creations aren't always just joy and light!

      Trip went okay, and I'm glad to be home :)

  2. Very strange image indeed!

    I'm glad you get to go on a movie date with DO. That is lovely. I hope to do that with my hubby soon and go see the Hobbit.

    I hope your trip goes well, too.


    1. Hiya MM,

      In the end, the cinema didn't work out as nowhere close by had anything we wanted to watch. Instead, we hid out at home and had a movie night there ;)

      Trip was alright - travelling is always a bit of a hassle, but it went fairly smoothly, all told :)