Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lennie Week 3 - Isabel's Dream

For today, I thought we'd return to something more colourful and traditional, with playing card inserts in the German fashion (B is for Bube, equivalent to Jack; D is for Dame, Queen (actually Lady); K is König, King).  These cards are from Isabel's Traum (Büttner Verlag, 2006), a lovely deck by a German artist, Isabel Krsnic, originally born in Peru.  The deck is available through, though within Europe it's also available direct from the publishers (see link).  Although the artwork is done on computer, it has a rather "painted" feel to it, and a lot of movement and texture.

Isabel's Traum ©Isabel Krsnic

So, to today's draw: we have Child, Letter and Bear.

Superficial naivety hides inner strength.
A letter about a child brings out protectiveness.
Feeling flat about a new project, it needs an injection of fierce energy.

The last of these feels meaningful.  Perhaps not so much that a new project leaves us flat, but certainly as we head towards February, many people seem to be feeling a bit listless.  So, maybe it's the new year that is leaving us flat...

I'm not normally too affected by the bleakness of winter.  Still, this year with the snow, and perhaps particularly with Big Boy having been home and ill so much this last week, I am feeling pretty low in energy.  I have plenty of ideas and the wish to be doing things, yet also a lassitude and sense of tiredness.  Maybe, like the Bear, I need to hibernate a little, and wait to see what Spring brings.  Or, given that I do need to get stuff done, the light "daylight simulating" light my Dear One got recently will prove it's worth, bringing us that extra zing ;)

I am grateful for a little pick-me-up.


  1. I have a dawn simulator clock that is wonderful. It begins to gradually lighten the room for half an hour before you've set it. You can switch on the alarm or not. I've never needed the alarm, the light just wakes me up naturally. Being awakened by a blaring alarm in a pitch black room always used to bother me. My poor body couldn't deal with it. This is much better. I also have a light box, but haven't had to use it in years...all this to say, enjoy your light box, you may be amazed how much it helps you! x

    1. Bah, only thing that wakes me up is my silly head whirring or else Big Boy. Mainly Big Boy. So, no dawn simulator for me, as I'd never know when to set it for.

      Glad to hear it works for you, though. It does sound rather pleasant :) And I'll keep my fingers crossed with the lightbox...

  2. Aww...I am sorry you're feeling S.A.D. and drained. The winter does do that to a person. I think it impacted me this winter, although I have to be honest and say that we've been spoiled by unseasonably warm weather. I am going to try to enjoy the warm weather this week before another cold front comes in. I hope the lamp helps. I haven't actually used one. Back when we thought Pele had a circadian rhythm disorder (she didn't) we were planning on using one, but some people swear by them.

    I hope Big Boy feels much better ASAP.

    Much Love,

    1. It's funny, somehow my fiery Time Management Spread reading seems to have tapped into my fierceness: I started working on rewriting my dissertation protocol this afternoon!

      Yeah, I've heard people who swear by them, which is why we thought we'd give it a try. Also, cos my Dear One had two cold sores in quick succession, and wondered if it might help with that...

      Enjoy the warmth while you can :)

      Huge hugs,