Monday, 21 January 2013

Lennie Week 3 - Revolution Again

Okay, so I used this deck last Lennie Week, but as Carrie Paris and Roz Foster were kind enough to say I could use more than just 10% of the deck, I decided to give this fabulous deck another outing!   You may see some of the other self-published decks back again in later Lennie Weeks ;)

Lenormand Revolution ©Carrie Paris and Roz Foster
Today's draw is less cheerful than yesterday's, but we can't always have love and happiness, right?  Here we have the Mice, the Stars and the Fish. 

Technological losses bring freedom. (No Facebook would be a kind of freedom, n'est ce pas?)
A cold thief turns to alcohol.
Monetary losses spread like wildfire.
Tainted guidance regarding money.
Clear loss of independence.
Loss of faith in commerce.

Certainly, reading the papers is likely to encourage a loss of belief in the banking industry in particular, and large corporations in general.  And there are plenty of people out there giving very poor investment advice.  Still, that all seems rather distant.  Perhaps more to the point, is the question of how the plans (Stars) we make might be undermined (Mice), and how money (Fish) can help, or be the cause of that.

My plans for the day have certainly been messed with, as Big Boy's school has decided to close due to the heavy snow.  Fortunately, we have some childcare options, though it will cost extra due to the short notice...

I am grateful to be able to afford help with Big Boy.


  1. Snap. Plans scuppered here too and I also pulled the Star as one of my three. Still scrambling to get back on top of everything lol Thanks for sharing, Chloe. That's a really lovely deck and great interpretations to file away in my memory bank. Shame my memory is so bad... Hey, would that be Mice and Zombie. Oh wait, there is no Zombie card... Yet. I think I'll have to make one :D

    1. Yeah, the Brits really don't deal very well with snow, it must be said! Oh, and there is a Frankenstein card, as well as a Little Goblin, Headless Horseman, and Lord Pumpkinhead, in the Halloween Lenormand: ;)

  2. Stars could also represent the snowflakes and Fish an abundance of it, with Mice being the nuisance/cost factor. :)

    1. Hi Helen, yep, that definitely works, too! Still, on our Parents of... fb page, most people were complaining about the cost of childcare, as our jobs didn't stop just because of a few snowflakes! :)