Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lennie Week 3 - Crochet Lenormand

Crochet Lenormand
Today being the day I run my first Lenormand Workshop, I decided it was a perfect time to start another Lennie Week :)  For this first day, I decided to go with the über-cute Crochet Lenormand by Pepi Valderrama (The Game Crafter, 2012).

This is a somewhat non-traditional deck, in which various cards have been renamed.  Mostly, the changes are theme-appropriate, affected by what Pepi could crochet.  I am incredibly impressed that she actually designed and crocheted all the items that are portrayed on the cards.  And some of the changes are genius: the Cross is represented by a pair of open scissors crossed over a ball of yarn!  Another interesting one is the Scythe, renamed the Crochet Hook ;)

Anyhow, on to today's reading.  I drew the Star, the Cloud, and the Lollipops (the Anchor).  Okay, I don't really get how lollipops relate to anchors, perhaps Pepi will enlighten us.  However, in good Lenormand fashion, I shall simply treat the card as though it showed an anchor :)

©Pepi Valderrama

Uncertain technology brings work.
Stay hopeful despite bad weather, work will go forward.
A rash of bad weather creates work.
Lack of clear guidance at work.

On an incredibly snowy weekend in the UK, when many schools closed early or just plain didn't open yesterday, and traffic accidents and delays are to be expected nationwide, having the "bad weather" card should come as no surprise!

This reading doesn't bode particularly well for my workshop!  The bad weather is likely to make it hard work for people to get to London.  Still, I take heart from the second brainstormed sentence, having Anchor (my work card) at the end suggests I will still be able to work.  As for the bit about technological troubles, I spent 3 and a half hours on them yesterday, so I hope today it'll all just be plug n play  *fingers crossed*

I am grateful I don't have too far to travel today.


  1. You have an amazing ability to find every deck in the world!

    Best wishes for your event today; I have to admit that I am relieved I didn't book a train ticket to travel down to take part with you. Even though I would love to attend your workshop, I don't relish the thought of traveling in this snow! I will catch your next one! ;)

    Break a leg, eh!

    1. This was an easy find - The Game Crafter and search "Lenormand" ;)

      Yeah, it was not the greatest day to travel. Still, although two people couldn't make it due to the snow, I did get someone from Birmingham, another from North Yorkshire, and one from Somerset! :)

      Thanks for the good wishes!

  2. I hope your workshop was fabulous, honey.

    1. Thanks, Arwen, it was a lot of fun! :)

  3. I really hope everything went through!!! This deck is so adorable. Rooting for you.


    1. Yes, adorable is a good word for it! :) And thanks, the workshop worked really well :D

  4. I think this deck is so original and just so comforting. I adore knitted toys. The colours look fantastic.

    1. It is a bright, fun deck :) I tend to wait til there are a few decks I want from the Game Crafter, and then order them all at once to save on postage. Fortunately, I'd built up a little list when Pepi put these up, as the first 8 buyers actually got sent one of the little crochet toys :D I got a pear - really sweet and beautiful!