Saturday, 12 January 2013

New Moon Reading

Yesterday, not one but three people reminded me that it was a New Moon, on 11/1 (European date style, but it still works), and particularly propitious for making big wishes and sowing the seeds for this year, intention-wise.  How could I ignore that big a slap on the head?! ;)

So, in the early hours, a ways before dawn, I did a reading and a meditation on the seeds I am sowing for this year.  As quite a few of those seeds are Lenormand-related, I decided I'd better use a Lenormand deck.  And as it was a reading with a spiritual aspect, I chose the Mystical Lenormand (AGM, 2006).

This deck is a somewhat non-traditional Lenormand, with a heap of additional symbolism, intended for more intuitive readings.  Nevertheless, I have started from regular meanings and just used the intuitive elements for additional details.

What will help me sow the seeds for this coming year?  Fox

I need to use my skills and street smarts, and to be entrepreneurial and willing to work outside the box.  However, I must also be sure to take care of myself and my basic needs: all work and no sleep makes Chloë a tired, useless woman :D 

How can I best help those seeds to grow and flourish?  Tower

Institutions and corporations will be important in helping my plans to flourish.  Here I see U.S. Games, of course, but also something else that I hope to talk about next month...  There is also the suggestion of doing my research well, and of protecting these plants from attack, creating a safe space for them to develop.  I think that's mainly about keeping clear boundaries on my part, and being willing to stand up for what I believe in.

What harvest will I reap from this?  Clouds

Okay, so it'll be a mixed bunch: some good, some bad.  And with a dose of uncertainty thrown in, to boot!  That doesn't really surprise me.  For instance, I'm unlikely to make money on the U.S. Games deal for at least a couple of years, if not longer.  Still, it seemed worth it to me for the improved distribution and reduced hassle.

Nothing is likely to be totally plain sailing, but it will be exciting.  There will be at least a few spots of colour in all of that, and a sweet fruit or two.  I can live with that :)


  1. OOOh! I knew I forgot to do something. I forgot to do a New Moon Reading. I should do that today before I forget. I wanted to look more deeply into this moon because I don't understand it very well. First I'll read the astrology for my sign regarding this moon's influence, then I think I will use your spread on my page (giving you credit!) and see what comes up.

    O.K. So call me crazy but here is what I saw (visually) in the cards you pulled. To me it felt like a transition. You have the fox looking at his reflection in card 1, then the water in the next card is the tower in the water with somewhat choppy waves, and the person trapped in the tower. Then the final card shows the beach and the monkey munching on fruit. To me it looks auspicious.

    Wellllll, anyway!


    p.s. Hope you get some help and rest ASAP!

    1. Hiya MM,

      I would have forgotten, too, if it hadn't been for so many people reminding me ;) In any case, there's always the full moon, or the next new moon - they come around really quickly, it always seems.

      I like your visual analysis. Moving from looking inward to looking outward. Less navel gazing, Chloë! ;)


  2. great reading. lots of luck to you!

    1. Thanks, Bonkers, and to you, with your Lenormand project :)

  3. With clever marketing (think Ali Cross and her pretty videos or your own) and a good network (hello TarotBlogHoppers), I think you can really launch the Celtic Lenormand well. You may be pleasantly surprised to see how it does.

    1. I think my meagre marketing powers will be dwarfed by the might of U.S. Games and their distribution network. Still, I shall definitely do what I can :D

  4. I, too, think the Celtic will do well. There will be lots of naysayers, of course, but screw them. (ha ha) There will be plenty of others who buy it and love it and buy three back ups. (Fingers crossed).

    1. Ooh, definitely fingers crossed! :) As for me, I just bought another DruidCraft, and have been giving it an extreme borderectomy. I think it'll read beautifully in combination with the Celtic Lenormand <3