Monday, 7 January 2013

Standing Together

©Clive Barrett
For today's draw from the Norse Tarot (Clive Barrett, 2012) we have the Nine of Wands.

On this version of the card, not one, but nine, figures stand holding wands in a rolling field.  From older men with white beards to the fierce, red-haired warrior in the card's foreground, all stand ready to defend their land, their families and their ideals.

I like the fact that these disparate characters all stand ready to act together.  It reminds me to ask, when feeling defensive or overwhelmed, who I can rely on for help and support.  In some cases it may be different aspects of myself I need to marshal, but oftentimes there are kind friends and family willing to step in when needed.

What kind of support might I need today?  What challenges do I have to push through?  Two things spring to mind.  Firstly, I have been feeling somewhat anxious of late.  For that, knowing there are people I can talk to if I get panicky is a real blessing.  Secondly, I need to push on to the end of my PowerPoint presentations for the Lenormand Workshop.  That requires marshalling my enthusiasm, my camera, and some drawing software ;)

I am grateful for support in times of need.


  1. Hug! So sorry you're feeling anxious and burnt out. You have a lot on your mind and plate! I hope 2013 is about finding ways to relax and enjoy and let go some of those burdens from the 10 of Wands you had in the previous post.

    Lotsa hugs,

    1. Anxious, yes, burnt out, no :) Got all enthused with some other projects this morning! Still, you're right, I must find some ways to relax and let go...

      Lotsa hugs in return,

  2. Grin, always ask for help and you will get it. I like to think this fella asked for support from his neighbors and they turned out for him.

    1. That's a nice perspective, Arwen. I saw it more as a whole village coming out together, but hey, whatever works :)