Monday, 28 January 2013

Strange Mechanisms

©Nemo's Locker
A Pentacles card, the Three to be exact, comes out to play today from the Book of Azathoth Tarot (Nemo's Locker, 2012).

As I mentioned before, the "people" on the Pentacles cards seem almost human, and yet they all have bald heads (at least the men).  Here, the twist on the RWS symbolism, other than the strange and fanciful border around the card, is found in the pentacles the craftsman works on.  Two look like the faces of some kind of amphibious creature or alien, with a tentacley mouth.  The third is an opened up pentacle symbol, which is also on the backs of all the cards. 

These three pentacles act as gears and cogs, with smaller mechanical parts all around them.  What will this machine in an arch drive?  Is it some sort of mechanical temple that grinds up its victims?  Or will the mechanism run some fabulous device that makes the world better for all?  The latter would certainly fit better with traditional meanings of this card around team work and pulling together, creating something greater than the sum of its parts...

As for me, most of my work is solitary.  However, some of it still counts as part of a team effort, though I do my part on my own.  So, perhaps this is encouragement to get on with some of that today...  Back to the grindstone :)

I am grateful to have skilled people to work with.


  1. That one guy standing on the ground looking up in profile looks seriously pissed off. Maybe the craftsman decided to get 'creative' and make the cogs, but the person who contracted the job didn't say that's what they wanted. ha ha

  2. "You've turned my ethereal temple into a machine, damn you!" :D I dunno, maybe more "This was meant to power the moving blinds over the windows, not turn the automatic crypt stairs..." ha ha