Thursday, 10 January 2013


©Clive Barrett
What a very unusual take on the Seven of Disks (Pentacles) from the Norse Tarot (Clive Barrett, 2012)!

A man sits crouched at the top of a grassy hill.  He wears a brown shirt and shoes, and blue trousers.   Below him, seven rather battered disks or shields lie in tall grasses.  However, I can't imagine that even planting them in the soil will help them repair or grow.  Perhaps, though, they will break down and fertilise the soil, preparing the ground for future crops.  A very long perspective, then!

Somehow, the sense I get of this is of a warrior who is giving up fighting, wanting to settle down and farm, connect with the earth, and enjoy a family life.  Which has nothing to do with the traditional man, his hoe and plant, yet somehow it fits this image.  Or else he could be thinking back to his "glory days".  Yep, this card definitely has different perspectives to the norm!

As for me, I'm planting seeds, and will certainly have to wait to see what grows from them.  Not sure about glory days, I hope I still have great days to come!

I am grateful for the wonderful potential of life.


  1. maybe he is a weapon-smith, made the shields, and is now waiting for some warriors to come and buy them from him? :0

  2. Thanks for sharing, Chloe - your take on this card image actually fits with what the 7 of Pentacles could mean in a reading I did this afternoon :)

  3. I love the idea of him waiting for them to break down. :D

    1. Yeah, I do kinda like the "fertiliser" idea - making something growthful from what was designed for war! :)