Thursday, 21 February 2013


©Fairchild & Paschkis
On this Thursday, we have the delightful Lovers card from the Complete Kit Tarot (Running Press, 2002).

A naked man and woman are pressed together, their "rude bits" covered by a flowering vine that twines around them.  Strangely enough, there appears to be a pink, four-petaled flower, a sunflower and some grapes, all growing from the same vine!  There is also a small, pink butterfly by the man's side, and a huge, blue butterfly to the woman's right. 

Passion, gender roles and a transformation towards wholeness are what I see in this card :)

I shall take today's card as encouragement to spend some quality time with my Dear One.  Perhaps, too, to take some time to meditate: a good way to reconcile different aspects of my self.

I am grateful for love in all its guises.

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