Saturday, 9 February 2013

Lennie Week 4 - Deviled Ham Lenormand

To start off this fourth Lennie Week, I thought it would be nice to showcase a few free resources (yes, you read that right, these are free to download!)  The first of these is from the delightfully creative Lisa Frideborg Lloyd, and is her Deviled Ham Lenormand.  Follow the link for download information :)

Deviled Ham Lenormand
 The cards I drew were Fish + Coffin + Bouquet, and a little brainstorming gave me:

The end of consumerism is a gift.
Completed sales bring joy.
A death costs money, but is a gift. 

This last actually feels most relevant, though in a slightly altered form: an ending has a price, but is also a gift.  Any time that something in our lives comes to an end, it is hard to let go.  We so easily attach to things, even when they are imagined or emotional, rather than tangible.  Yet, when we release these desires, wishes, dreams, we open ourselves to the new, and the real.

After this last week, there is definitely something I need to let go of.  It won't be easy, there is a price to pay.  Yet, I remain hopeful that good will come of this, that I can still find happiness, even if in a different direction.  This reminds me once again of my Imbolc reading, and the Ten of Swords.  Release!

I am grateful for the wisdom to mourn and let go.


  1. What a beautiful and relevant message. The Lenormand's concise wisdom is quite amazing. And this deck is GORGEOUS! I love it! I would so love to have real cards...where's Lisa? Lisa, publish it!

    1. Yes, the Lennie's have been very accurate and deep of late (been doing quite a lot of personal readings with them on this).

      And I totally agree, this deck is lovely! However, I think Lisa is now focused on her next project, the Frideborg Lenormand, which also looks gorgeous :)

    2. Thanks guys! :) Yes, the Frideborg Lenormand is in progress now... I'll share a couple of pics in the G+ Lenormand study group soon as I've changed it slightly to give it a more unified feel and going with a dark shadow effect to fade into the black borders.

    3. I'm so impressed with your Photoshop skills! I still haven't made a start on learning it. Ah well, everything in time :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, the deck may be a fun, vintage joy, but the reading was powerful :)