Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lennie Week 4 - Modern Minimalist Lenormand

Today's deck is another free on-line resource, this time from the talented Melissa Hill (the Sassy Sibyl).  With her Modern Minimalist Lenormand, you get exactly what it says.  The cards are grey, with simple dark grey images and black text.  Still, that is all you need for a reading, so let's go!

Modern Minimalist Lenormand ©Melissa Hill

I drew Lilies + Ring + Tree:

Commit to peace to ensure good health.
Partnership with an older man brings growth.
Commitment and passion together create strong roots.

The first of these I see as a recommendation to meditate, which is never a bad idea.  The second makes some sense to me on a personal level, but may not be relevant to anyone else.  The third, while generic, might still be useful.  Whether it be a relationship that we want to strengthen, or any other project that needs strong roots to flourish, committing and bringing passion to it are certainly key.

I am grateful for the passion and commitment in my life.


  1. I really like this. Your posts are making me look at the Lenormand system more.

    1. He he, we'll make a Lenormand reader of you yet :)