Thursday, 14 February 2013

Lennie Week 4 - Schors

Today's deck is another traditional one, with both playing card inserts and verses in German.  It is the Lenormand Game (Schors, date unknown).  The link is actually to a version with Dutch verses, as I couldn't find where I'd gotten my German copy from *doh*

Lady + Key + Birds
So, what do the verses tell us today?  The Lady says: "For a Lady, this is the card.  For him, it is the woman who is waiting for him.  We wish the Lady a good life.  May she be surrounded by peace and happiness."

The Key gives us these lines: "The solution to the riddle is all here.  The Key opens every door.  When a question is gnawing at you, look what the Key says to you here."

And finally the Birds: "The Birds message brings much sadness, yet is of only short duration.  First, everything seems totally dreadful.  But before you know it, it's come to an end."

The Birds, in particular, generally have a broader and somewhat different interpretation in modern approaches.  It is often associated with phone calls, and from there with talk more generally, and gossip - talk that causes pain.  So, brainstorming these cards gets me:

A woman is sure to receive a phone call.
A woman unlocks something through talk.
A woman will certainly cause distress by gossiping.

In general, if you are a woman, the Lady card is seen as you.  However, there can be exceptions to it.  So, it's best to keep both options in mind.  Is it you or someone around you that this could refer to?

I'm going with the middle option today.  My therapist was away, and missed all the drama of the last ten days.  I'm looking forward to working through some of that with him -  it's sure to unlock a lot of emotion, and hopefully a little insight.

I am grateful for someone to talk to in confidence, no strings attached.


  1. I don't know why they bother to put the verses on the cards, they seem to be no help at all! I have the Blue Owl deck and not only are the unhelpful,the verse is truly dreadful! :)

    Glad you get to talk to someone today. (hug) Hope you are well.

  2. I'd agree the verses are not great poetry, but actually I'm quite enjoying looking at them this week - seeing the little clues about distance reading, and simple, old-fashioned interpretations.

    I'm doing pretty well, overall, thank you :)

  3. I don't know, I like the verses, they are often humorous and chirpy.

    Mine are in English--how boring is that?

    1. Not boring at all, woley. I have a plan at some point to compare the verses in different languages, see how their points of view differ... May never actually get around to it, but I like the thought ;)

  4. Very thoughtful and helpful reading. I hope you do have a healing session with your therapist. Reminds me...I need to get to my therapist this month. I connected with her via e-mail a few weeks ago and was going to set up an appointment and then I didn't and put it off. Now I think I might because some things are due to change later this year with Pele entering school and me nervously trying to embrace the separation anxiety that will cause...

    Hugs and love,

    1. Hi MM,
      Yes, my session was very helpful. I wish you well with connecting with your therapist, if you decide that's what you want to do. Sure sounds like you have a lot on your plate, that's a big deal Pele going to school after all these years of home-schooling!! Wishing you well with that (even if it is in the Fall).

      Hugs and love to you, too,

  5. I am enjoying hte variations you give on the combinations. I think what holds me back is the overwhelming input of the Grand Tableau.

    1. Even just two card combinations are a good place to start, and I quite often ask several little questions, rather than going for a GT. How often do you do a Celtic Cross, or something bigger, IRL? You can work up to the GT (and there are plenty of good resources suggesting ways to approach it - in German even a couple of books just on that!) I sure wouldn't let it stop me playing with these pretty cards ;)