Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lennie Week 4 - Wahrsage Karten

For the rest of this week, I thought we'd go with some very traditional Lenormand decks, all with verses on them (though the verses are in German, easier to ignore if you're not interested).  Today's deck is the Lenormand Wahrsagekarten (Königsfurt-Urania, 2003).  These cards also exist with the same images and verses in French...

Tree + Lily + Stork
One of the nice things about cards with verses is that they give some clues to interpretation, connected to other cards around them, or related to the distance method of reading (how close the cards are to the person cards in the spread - Gentleman and Lady).

According to the verse on the card, the Tree indicates health if it is far from the person card, sickness if close by!  And that all will be well if there are many trees together - a little hard as there is only one Tree card.  Perhaps it means if the Tree appears in multiple readings, or made multiple by the cards next to it, as traditionally the Birds, Whips, Paths and Clover all indicate two of something...

My translation of the Lily verse is: The Lily speaks of innocence, and a happy life's path, when Clouds are not nearby to create shadows.

And the Storks say: Change and movement are what the Stork promises, yet when it is far away, the situation will not change.

Still, for this three card reading I'll stick with my brainstormed meanings :)

Sexual health experiences changes.
Harmonious roots lead to positive change.
Peaceful growth brings a change to the family.

What I see here is a message that we grow best in peaceful situations, and that this allows us to flow with change, rather than banging up against it as an enemy.  It's true, too, that I'm seeing someone about a gynecological matter today, which fits rather well with the first phrase.  I shall take the storks card, normally one of positive change, as a good sign.

I am grateful for generally having good health and a peaceful disposition.


  1. Second day for the Lily and the Tree. :D Do repetitions mean the same as they do in Tarot?

    1. Hiya Arwen! Yes and no - partly yes, because it suggests a continuing energy. However, because you read the cards in combinations, if you have different combining cards it can mean something very different. If you had Tree + Sun that would suggest radiant good health, whereas Tree + Mice would suggest something is undermining your health. So, health still an issue, but in very different contexts! Or, Lily + Man would suggest a passionate man, maybe nooky, while Lily + Tree I see more in relation to its meaning of peace and harmony.

      Hope that makes sense :)