Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lord of Bottles

Sideshow Tarot
Today we meet one of the Lords (or Kings) of the Sideshow Tarot (Kyle Burles, 2012).  The Courts in this deck are unusual, being made up of Pinheads (Pages), Lionfaces (Knights), Ladies (Queens) and Lords (Kings).  The suits have also been renamed Sticks (Wands), Bottles (Cups), Blades (Swords) and Coins (Pentacles).  All the Lords and Ladies are midgets, while the Pinheads and Lionfaces are exactly what their names say - all quite peculiar, but that's what the Sideshow is all about: the freaks and curiosities!

So, here we have the Lord of Bottles (King of Cups).  He leans up against what appears to be a huge, empty, greeen-glass bottle, with a circus tent in the background.  He looks a bit like a mafioso, and makes me think of the fact that in a Sideshow, many of the people would consider the others their family.  That would make this Lord of Bottles a patriarch, perhaps the one that others come to if they have something emotional bothering them, perhaps a fight with one of the other members...  They know he will always look after his own, and be open to solving emotional disputes in a fair and kind way.

I wonder, today, is this me or my Dear One?  It's true I sometimes mediate between him and Big Boy (he's a Sag and BB is a Capricorn, so when fire meets stubborn earthiness, there can be a bit of an impasse sometimes).  Still, DO is a big softie on the inside, and would protect our boy from anything he can.  My DO sometimes gets upset because, sadly, we can't protect BB from the pain his medical issues cause him.  So, a bit of both of us, maybe: me as mediator, him as defender and also for his emotional vulnerability...

I am grateful that not all categories are clear cut.


  1. Hug! I can definitely envision this. Pele is a combination of earth and fire--and she has both of these qualities you mentioned! She's a double Sag with moon and mars in Taurus. Oy. STUBBORN, intense, but can be soooo sweet, so protective, etc.

    Hope you have a good week.


    1. I think there's great strength in the earth-fire combo, if watered with a little emotional depth. Which I'm sure she gets from you :)

      Hope you had a good week, and apols for the delay in replying.

      Big hugs,