Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pinhead of Bottles

Sideshow Tarot ©Kyle Burles
Today's card from the Sideshow Tarot (Kyle Burles, 2012), is a pretty weird one!

Here we have the Pinhead of Bottles (Page of Cups).  Not only, as the name suggests, does he have a very small head compared to his body, but he is dressed in a pink, flowery dress!  (In fact, all the Pinheads appear to wear dresses).  He holds a bottle in his left hand, the other held up at a slightly odd angle, like an excited child.  Behind him is a Sideshow tent, and he looks off to the left of the card, with a big, goofy smile on his face and his eyes lit up.

What I see here, then, is an openness to emotional exploration, a joy in seeing what the world has to offer.  There is less soul-searching here than in traditional versions, but perhaps more happiness, more simple pleasure in life.

Being open to the good in life, being emotionally welcoming of all that comes.  Bah, that seems a big ask today!  The Tower that I was expecting has come rather sooner, and in a different way than I hoped.  Still, in every change there must be a silver lining, if we are willing to see it.  So, that's where I'll focus today.

I am grateful for the silver lining to every cloud.


  1. Being open to the Silver Lining in spite of the Tower striking seems a very Page of Cups thing to do. *hugs*

  2. Thanks for the *hugs* Lisa, very welcome :) Hope you're finding some silver linings today, too!

  3. The pinheads wear dresses because they seem to be based on a character from this cult classic film, 'Freaks':

    I've never seen it. I don't like this sort of thing. I don't like circuses or freak shows or any of that stuff. Gives me a funny feeling in my stomach.

    1. Thanks for the links, Carla, interesting stuff, if rather sad.