Monday, 25 February 2013

Simply Flying

©Bayliss & Battersby
After the calm of yesterday's Hanged Man, today the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) shows us a rather different face.

Here we have a very fiey Eight of Wands!  A hand of what seems to be elemental fire reaches up, pointing the way, or perhaps magically guiding the eight wands.  These glow like red embers at their front tips, and emit flaming trails at the back as they shoot skyward.  What a sense of power and motion, yet there is also a sense that they won't just fizzle out: those embers will stay warm for their entire flight.

It's interesting, the variations that appear in the Eight of Wands.  Sometimes the wands are pointing upward, setting out on their journey, sometimes they seem headed for a sudden landing.  Sometimes they are simply flying, other times we see them being launched.  And even then, are they launched by the hands of a person, or by something more elemental, as is the case here?  And what does this mean to us?

It seems that things are in motion, but we may not be in control.  And yet, it is perhaps our passion driving things forward, and the bright glow of the wands suggests this is no passing fancy.

I'm not quite sure how that applies to me today.  Certainly, I see the motion, and the lack of control: I have to fly off on a business trip again :/  However, the passion and enthusiasm are distinctly lacking!

I am grateful for the speed of modern travel.


  1. quite fiery and dynamic 8 of wands indeed.

    hope your trip goes well.

    1. Thanks, Bonkers! It went better than expected :)

  2. Nice! I love the 8 of Wands. One of my favorite cards. My experience of it is almost always very positive. I hope yours was. xooxx

    1. Hi MM,

      Yes, it was better than I feared. Still, nice to be home again, even with a sick boy :)