Sunday, 24 February 2013

Simply Hanging

©Bayliss & Battersby
For our second day with the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012), we have another card I really like.

There is such a happy-go-lucky feel to this Hanged Man, such playful colours.  Our Hanged Man dangles by his knees from a swing, arms tucked behind his back and hair dangling down as he sways.  As for the swing, it is held aloft by a blue, six-petaled flower that seems to spin  and create lift.  The swing is held to the flower by a couple of vines.  Yet despite this weird position, the man looks perfectly calm, at peace with where he is.

With the airborn flower holding him up, there is less of a sense of total lack of movement than I normally associate with this card.  However, the feeling of having sacrificed control is still there - he is along for the ride, but has no say in where the winds take him. 

I hope I can find some of his calm today, at least inner calm, as we make our way home again.  This card might suggest unexpected delays, or simply the lack of control when you step on a train - there's no getting off when you're under the channel!

I am grateful for a sense of equanimity.


  1. Interesting borders and lovely colours on the Simply Deep. I'd like to read a fleshed-out review of your opinion of the deck when you've finished your week of draws. I have read conflicting opinions on this deck. I don't have it and feel no attraction toward it, except for the colours. Colourful decks always pull me in.

    1. Wait, James Battersby drew it!! I met him at the TABI conference a few years ago! Oh no, now I have a reason to want it. Pfft.

    2. Hi Carla,
      As I mentioned on Saturday, I will be posting a full review of this deck after it's come out in the TABI Ezine. Or you can read it in the Ezine, as you're a member ;)

      And yes, it's the James Battersby we met at the TABI Conference a couple of years ago :D It's very colourful, and I'm finding it both charming and deep. However, as you know, I'm a sucker for decks...

    3. I must have missed that on Saturday. I actually forgot how old I was today and had to ask hubby. So that's the way it is for me, lately. :)

    4. Hey, I spent almost a year saying I was 40 when I was 41! Forgetting for a moment sounds pretty mild ;)