Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Simply Imposing

©Bayliss & Battersby
My, today's card from the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) is rather imposing!

Here we meet the King if Swords, and it doesn't look like he's in a great mood.  His blue eyes glare out at us, as he leans forward.  In his left hand he holds a sword hilt, with two crossed  plumed quills, one black and one white.  His other hand holds what may be the arm of his throne, or else some kind of seal of office.  His face is craggy, his body well-muscles, the only softness is the little bird on the brow of his crown.

Someone strong and determined, then, sure of their own point of view.  And yet, also someone who can hold in mind different perspectives and express themselves with tact, when they choose.

I can see how it would behoove me to emulate this King today.  Stuck in meetings that are likely to be both complex and acrimonious, there are certainly other things I'd rather be doing.  Still, if I can bring some calm objectivity into the room, it can but help.

I am grateful for a clear mind.


  1. Wow...that is some intense kinda King of Swords. I wish you had gotten the King of Swords from the Complete Kit (Tarot Nova). He's cute. He reminds me more of my double Libra husband. he's just standing there next to a fox (which is my husband's totem!)

    I kind of want to tickle the King of Swords in that card but I fear he may slice my head off!!!


    1. Ha ha, maybe if you could make those feathers real, they'd be great ticklers. Ooh, I shall have to go back to the Tarot Nova and check out that King of Swords, he sounds lovely! :)

      Ticklish hugs,

  2. That's a great King of Swords, isn't it! I love the colours and the big old hands. Nice perspective! Bayliss and Battersby seem original in their images, don't they? There always seems a lot of thought behind them.

    1. Hi PLN,

      I think you're quite right: though the images seem simple, a lot of thought has gone into them. And yes, there are some very interesting perspectives. Quite a few people didn't like the Magician, due to a "submissive" posture or not being able to see the figure's face. I thought it quite a novel perspective, though :)

  3. He's in a hurry. He needs you to give him the facts--clear and straight. And he wants you to eliminate all the unnecessary emotional junk. :D That's my take on this very imposing guy!

    1. Oh yes, no emotional junk for this guy :D Great perspective, Arwen!