Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Simply Striding

©Bayliss & Battersby
Today's card from the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) is another that caught my eye when I first went through the deck.

A woman strides in a very determined manner across spilled and stagnant cups.  In front of her, a stone staircase starts part way up a rock face so that, without the cups beneath her, she would have had trouble reaching it.  Her hair is bright red, and she wears pink, beribboned boots, which seem far too playful for her somewhat ferocious expression.

My sense of this card is one of using difficult emotional experiences from the past to help us move onward and upward.  There is also determination here, we will find something better in life. 

I am headed home today, and will be glad not to have to move for a while, at least on the physical plane.  Emotionally, too, I am leaving behind the stress of work, with a calmer time ahead, I hope.  Perhaps I could take some time to think about my longer-term goals, where I want to get to...

I am grateful to return home, and to think about my direction in life.


  1. I very much agree. She is using past crap to build herself up to where she can scramble up and out. :D

    1. You calling it crap makes me think of the whole lotus blossom metaphor ;)

  2. I like your interpretation very much.

    Chloe, I sent you a direct message on fb. You are one of the winners of my comp for I Know You Know - I offered you an alternative prize - can you contact me via fb - the message from me should be there for you. Helen ^_^

    1. Thank you so much for that, Helen! Your reading was really lovely, have just re-read it for at least the fourth time :)