Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Strawberry Fields?

©Fairchild & Paschkis
Another Court card comes out to play today from the Complete Kit Tarot (Running Press, 2002).

Here we have a very sweet Page of Pentacles. He holds a huge key in his right hand, and seems to dance along a strawberry vine with three big berries.  His suit is shown by the big Pentacle at his waist, less a belt buckle than a cummerbund!  He has bright red cheeks, and seems to look off to the right, smiling gently.

He looks like he wants to open up the world, explore and enjoy everything he comes in contact with.  Which is a pretty good description of the Page of Pentacles, I think :)

Today, my Dear One and I hope to bathe our senses in a number of ways.  One is to go to the Louvre and feast our eyes on some amazing artwork.  Another is to eat a delicious lunch, preferably somewhere quaint and comfortable.  And if we have the chance, we'll listen to a street musician :)

I am grateful for the chance to explore my senses.

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  1. This is nice--I like how friendly and upbeat the Page of Pentacles looks in this deck. Much nicer than a more austere/earthy version.

    I hope you have some strawberries and fine french cheeses...