Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tarot + Lennie Combined Reading

Simply Deep Tarot + Mystical Lenormand
I wanted to play around a little with mixing Tarot and Lennie readings, honouring both in their differences.  Using the tarot for the overall theme, and the Lenormand to add as a keyword or expansion of that theme.

Over the last two and a half weeks, I have twice managed to do something to my right wrist, which made it so painful I can currently barely lift a glass of water!  So, here's a Situation/Don't/Do reading on the subject, using the Simply Deep Tarot (Schiffer, 2012) and the Mystical Lenormand (AGM-Urania, 2004).

Situation: Fool + Clover

Seems I've been blithely ignoring the dangers and consequences of my actions, just not being aware or mindful as I charge into things.  And what things have I been charging into?  Well, ones that bring me quick happiness: small joys that are lovely in the moment, but not lasting, and certainly not deserving of the kind of pain they have brought.

This second time, I realised that what brought on the problem was playing with Big Boy - crawling round on the floor with quick direction changes, all while not paying attention to my wrists as I was purely focused on his giggles and commands for mummy to do this, that and the other.  So, small joys in the moment, with no thought for the repercussions :)

Simply Deep Tarot + Mystical Lenormand
Don't: Two of Cups + Child

This combo tells me I need to avoid being childish in my attachment to what I "love".  Sometimes, I may let emotion blind me, naively following my infatuation, with no care for what I may hurt in the process (namely my physical self).  Love and emotion can often be so overwhelming, sweeping us away, and it's easy, especially in play, to forget there are consequences to our actions.  So, time to be a bit more mature about things!

Simply Deep Tarot + Paths
Do - The Lovers + Paths

This is an interesting combo, especially after the last two cards.  Often, people see the Lovers as being like the Two of Cups writ large.  However, I mainly see the Lovers as being about choices and decisions - aligning with our Higher Self in making such choices - rather than about love in the more mundance sense.  

These two cards, then, are a double whammy on the theme of: "You have to choose wisely, this is about your life and what you value!"   I need to consider the wider repercussions of my decisions, not just today, but also for the future.  In this, I need to think about what is really important to me.

Obviously, playing with my son is important.  However, there are ways to do so without injuring myself.  I need to respect myself, not just go for the easy laugh.  It may take a little more thought, a little more inventiveness.  Still, it is worth it to honour myself, to care for myself now and for the future.

And it's not just about playing with Big Boy.  For a couple of years now, I have no longer done up-dog in my yoga practice, using cobra instead.  It's another way to honour the weakness of my wrists, to still practice yoga while staying mindful and respectful of my body's limits.  I choose to still practice, but to do so in a way that is sustainable.  This is what I must now seek in other areas, on my life path more generally.


  1. great post. the art of these decks goes great together. hmm, i really should do some more tarot/len mix readings myself....

    1. It's funny, I hadn't really thought about it in those terms when I chucked both decks in my suitcase. It's true, their colours mesh well. And I really enjoyed this combined reading, will do more of them for sure :)