Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Banner Line

The Box
And inside...
This week we have another quirky and slightly twisted, though far more colourful, self-published deck.  It is the Sideshow Tarot by Kyle Burles (2012).  The deck comes in a themed wooden box, which you can see here.  The cards don't have rounded corners, but are less sharp than some others.  Still, I intend to put my corner cutter to work, just haven't got round to it yet *tuts at own laziness*

©Kyle Burles
 As for today's card, we have one of the Majors (all renamed): the Banner Line (the World).  Posters decorate an entire wall, proclaiming those who have made it to the top in the world of the sideshow.  I'm guessing this is like being a headliner on Broadway :)

So, a card of success, of having reached the top.  Yet, what comes next?  A bigger show?  A whole new challenge in a different arena?  Either way, it first behooves us to take some time to celebrate our 15 minutes of fame, even if it's just us raising a glass to ourselves!

What I'm most proud of over the last couple of weeks is having stood up for something I believe in, despite attacks or simply questioning on a number of fronts.  There was a time I would have caved and shut up, especially as I'm certainly not trying to evangelise.  Still, I'm glad to have stuck to my beliefs, while honouring other's choices, too :)

I am grateful for the self-belief to say what I feel.


  1. Cool deck! Not seen this one before. I'm glad you stood up for your beliefs. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It is a fun deck, and interesting twists for sure. As for standing up for my beliefs, that's definitely something you're good at! Great role model :)