Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Toffee Apple

Sideshow Tarot ©Kyle Burles
I always love when a deck shows us lots of its faces over the week.  We've had a Court card and a couple of Majors, now we get to see an Ace from the Sideshow Tarot (Kyle Burles, 2012).

The Ace of Sticks (Wands) is a toffee apple on a stick, held up in front of a confection stand.  The toffee apple is red, for the fire element associated with wands.  I also like the fact that it's a stick which acts as a tool, both allowing the apple to be caramelised, and then to be eaten.  That fits well with the idea of projects, processes and doing, as well as desire and pleasure.  The symbolism of a stick penetrating an apple, symbol of the Goddess, is also not lost on me ;)

I haven't done much since Saturday, so I'll take this Ace and give myself a prod with it!  Need to get writing again, and maybe make a start on some other stuff, but instead I've been reading a novel.  I guess it's good to take breaks, too, but when there's so much to be done (and a lot of it is fun)...

I am grateful for the reminder to get myself in gear.