Saturday, 23 March 2013

Alison's Snowdrop Spread TLC'd

Incidental Tarot & Kindergarten Lenormand
Alison, over at This Game of Thrones, came up with a lovely spread for this round of the Ostara Tarot Blog Hop.  As soon as I saw it, though, I thought: "That'd make a great tarot and Lenormand combined spread!"  So, with Alison's permission, here is my TLC'd version ;)

I tried to lay it out to look like flowers, but I couldn't do the whole inner and outer petals.  That would work really prettily with a regular and mini Lenormand, maybe...

Anyhow, on to the reading:

©Holly DeFount
Card 1 (tarot): the bulb - what nourishes me? - The Archer

Ha ha, Alison suggested we could draw from the Court cards for this position, and although I drew from the whole deck, I got a Court card anyway.  What nourishes me is the Archer, or Knight of Wands!

I am nourished by my passion and enthusiasm.  Sometimes, I may need a bit of a kick in the pants to keep me on track, but creativity and focus are definitely there once I'm going.

Card 2 (tarot): the shoot - what motivates me? - Eight of Roses (Cups)

This is a beautiful card (one among many) from Holly DeFount's Incidental Tarot.  I love the sense of growth and light, which fits wonderfully with the idea of the snowdrop's stalk.

I am motivated by a desire to move forward in a balanced way, seeking out my soul's higher purpose, always growing and stretching. 

Kindergarten Lenormand
Cards 3, 4, & 5 (Lenormand): what flowers within me? - Lily, Fish, Garden

In this line of three, I see that my passion is blossoming into a commercial venture, and opening the doors of community to me.  That is certainly true, in the sense that  I have been invited to speak on combining tarot and Lenormand cards at the UK Tarot Conference!  All this because, after years of blogging because I am passionately inspired by it, I am finally turning it to commercial use, too.  Running workshops (another good Fish + Garden pursuit), creating the Celtic Lenormand deck, all of this is blossoming right now.  That doesn't mean I can just stop worrying about it - flowers need to be fed and watered.  Still, it has a potential to be lovely and growthful.

Kindergarten Lenormand
Card 6, 7, & 8 (Lenormand): what hidden gifts do I have? - Moon, Ship, Heart

I have to admit, I often struggle with "what is hidden" positions.  Still, these final cards suggest that there may be more soul adventure's than I expect waiting for me in the months to come.  Two keywords for the Heart which I love are compassion and contentment.  My hidden gifts are an ability to travel into my own emotions, to find my heart's desire.

I also see here the ability to explore emotions in a way that is compassionate.  That would fit with psychotherapy, which, if not hidden, has been on the back burner for a while. 

Many thanks to Alison for such an interesting spread!

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