Monday, 18 March 2013


As part of my experimentation with combining tarot and Lenormand decks in a single reading in preparation for giving my talk at the UK Tarot Conference, I decided to adapt an idea from Lisa Frideborg Lloyd.  Last week, she created an interesting spread entitled "Who Am I?" using a Lenormand line of five and tarot cards.  I wanted something a little more everyday, so I took a basic tarot "Situation, Don't, Do" spread and made the first a Lenormand line of five, with the "Don't" and "Do" still covered by tarot cards.  Using my own Kindergarten Lenormand and the Incidental Tarot (Holly DeFount, 2012), this is what it looks like:

Incidental Tarot and Kindergarten Lenormand
My question was "What are the energies around my approaching an esoteric shop in Birmingham (Xen - couldn't find a weblink) about running Lenormand workshops there?"

The line of five is Fish, Clouds, House, Whips, Ship.  My sense from these cards is that it may not be the best time for me to try this.  Certainly, the financial outlook isn't great (Fish + Clouds), presumably because of the extra travel and hotel costs (Fish + House and Fish + Ship) I would incur.  There is also the possibility of negative emotions and arguments at home (Clouds + House and House + Whips) about me travelling and not being there for my family (House + Ship), and all for some commercial venture (though it's a lot more than that to me) (Fish + Ship).

The tarot cards seem to agree with that assessment.  In the Don't position we have the Four of Roses (Cups).  This suggests I shouldn't idealise something in the distance in favour of things I already have available to me (workshops in London).  And the Do card is the Empress, telling me to focus on my home and family, and on nurturing myself and my creativity.

Maybe at some later point in time this will change, but for the moment I think I'll stick to my home turf, and focus on my family, dissertation, and creative projects.  On the upside, this spread worked really nicely :)


  1. What a fascinating way to combine Lenormand and Tarot! I will have to try something similar soon! Thanks for posting this, Louise.

    1. Hi Zanna,
      Glad you liked this, I'm enjoying playing around with these combinations :) Will look forward to seeing what you come with!

  2. Sorry for calling you "Louise." I am obviously trying to do too many things all at the same time... :)

    1. Not to worry, it's an easy mistake to make. My fault for not having my name on the website ;)