Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bonds to the Ground

©Orna Ben-Shoshan
Although this week's deck, the Alphabet for Lovers, is aimed particularly at people wanting answers on questions of love and romance, I've been impressed by how much it speaks to other themes, too.  As I see it, most of the important stuff in our lives is about how we interact with others and ourselves, how we relate to people, animals, spirit, and our inner being.  And so, these cards which speak to relationships, can be used for any aspect of our lives - work, spirituality, self-exploration.

For example, today's card, 11, subtitled: "Bonds to the Ground" shows two people tending a beautiful, exotic garden.  They are working in unison, doing something positive for the environment, and creating beauty at the same time.  This could easily be interpreted in the light of work projects, environmentalism, or spirituality, as well as in terms of a romantic relationship!

One thing this makes me think of today is people coming together in a beautiful and creative endeavour.  Something I think would qualify is this Kickstarter campaign, by Monica Knighton, creator of the Stolen Child Tarot.  And in terms of being grounded, the price she's asking for a deck is not in "special edition" territory - only $24!

On a more personal level, I see in this card my Dear One and I tending our delicate little blossom, Big Boy ;)  On Tuesday I got a call offering us a cancellation slot with a consultant we had booked to see in about a month.  So instead, we'll see him today!  Due to our schedules, we'll both be going - I'll arrive earlier, from the South, to fill in paperwork, my Dear One will bring Big Boy along after school from the North.  We have high hopes that this consultant will be a little more holistic than the other one...

I am grateful for a partner in looking after our son.


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    1. Bah humbug! The doctor's secretary called at 11am to ask if we could possibly come earlier, which we couldn't :( So, we're back to the 26th of March instead... Still, we couldn't get anyone in to take care of BB after school, so we ended up looking after him together in any case :)